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Mexican Sweets-Success: La Migaja Bakery


  Chocolate Conchas                   © Harry Pagancoss Lifestyles Media

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When Jaime Reynoso arrived three years ago from Mexico, owning a bakery was not in his plans. Originally from Veracruz and with a degree in architecture, Jaime and his wife Jocelyn, decided to pursue self-employment by doing something they both liked. 

Jaime's baking skills are undoubtedly natural. His great-grandfather was a baker by trade and his mom prepared him delicious desserts and pastries. As a kid Jaime had the chance to spend time in the kitchen learning about baking as well as fine-tuning his skills. These are evident, once you take a close look at the bakery's display. You get hungry just by looking through the glass.

Jocelyn's formal and formational education was a bit different. As a graduate from Puebla's Culinary Institute, Jocelyn spent time working in professional kitchens and  in restaurant management. That was until she and Jaime met and fell in love while working together in a local restaurant. Jocelyn's experience in the industry and passion help to make sure that the business runs smoothly. With the flexibility that being her own boss brings, she can care for their beautiful baby girl while on the shop.  

The journey began over a year ago in their kitchen, when they decided to do something to take more control of their lives. While Jaime was not sure what that "something" would be, Jocelyn saw his ability to bake as the answer. So she suggested: "Let's make bread!" 

During three months, the culinary team in love baked a line of goods in small batches with little or no equipment. With the help of friends, they found their current location and began to solidify their business through old-fashion door-to-door marketing. Currently, they supply many other businesses around and continue to expand their accounts.

Jaime and Jocelyn's dream goes beyond the Little Havana location. Jaime's sister is now an investor and the family has plans to open their first franchise store in Manhattan. La Migaja, which translates to "the crumb" is the beginning of a journey filled with great promise and success due to Jaime's dedication and determination to make their Mexican breads and desserts the best he can. 

La Migaja Mexican Bakery's owner, Jaime Reynoso, removes freshly-baked conchas from the ovenWhat La Migaja lacks in space, it more than compensates  with quality. Theconchas are Jaime's favorites and the best sellers. This is no accident. The conch-shaped bread is one of Mexico's most traditional confections. The sugary cover and the softness of the bread, make it perfect to pair with a good cup of coffee or to eat alone. Traditionally, conchas have hints of cinnamon or even cloves. Jaime's quest to make the perfect concha and to give it his touch, brought him to achieve dough perfection with an infusion of orange essence. 

Besides the conchas, a full line of Mexican-style baked goods and desserts are available daily: bolillos (a French baguette-like roll), buttery biscuits, croissants, cookies, flavored gelatins and twisted puff pastry filled with honey, cinnamon and almonds.  In addition, a whole-wheat line may provide those who prefer fiber-rich products with more choices. Some of the confections include pastries filled with cream cheese, chocolate and caramel. But the goodness does not end there, there is a lot more.

Jaime and Jocelyn speak very highly of the two corn-based sweet treats: the cornbread and the corn pie (pan de elote and pie de elote, respectively). A slice of any of these two desserts packs the flavor of golden cornfields. Distinguishable from each other in texture and shape, they both share delicious moistness and creaminess. The corn pie is indeed very special and the sweet cornbread a great reason to stop by and pack up with Mexican style pastries and desserts that are superbly-authentic and good.

Nestled in what is undoubtedly one of the most popular places to eat authentic Mexican food in Miami (Mi Rinconcito Mexicano), La Migaja Mexican Bakery is a little gem and one of Miami's best secrets.

 For more info: Visit

La Migaja Mexican Bakery

1961 SW 8th Street (Inside Mi Rinconcito Mexicano Restaurant)

786-499-7846 |  786-290-3991

Hours of Operation: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm, Closed on Tuesdays

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  • daniel 5 years ago

    que padre esta el sitio y es bueno saver que puedes encontrar el verdadero sabor del pan fuera de tu pais, ojala sigan creciendo y suerte, esperamos por mas franqisias en el resto del pais y por que no en tu mismo pais suerte.

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