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2014 Winter Olympics

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Mexican Skier’s Mariachi uniform will be seen at 2014 Sochi Olympics (photo)

Mexican Skier’s Mariachi uniform will be seen at 2014 Sochi Olympics
NBC Olympics/Instagram

Going to be watching the skiing competitions of the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Well don’t be surprised when Mexican skier Hubertus Von Hohenlohe comes barreling down the mountain not wearing the typical skiing outfit. Why? According to NBC Olympics on Sunday the skier is looking to make an impression and will be wearing a Mariachi uniform.

This isn't any ordinary skiing outfit. Specially made for the 55-year-old athlete the man will have the same coverage as any other skiing outfit, but the outside looks likes he just came from a music performance. The trimmings of a black bolero jacket and ruffled tuxedo shirt is going to be the first indication you are looking at the skier. Add the red tie and the intricate designs down the sides of the outfit and it will actually look more like a costume than a skiing suit.

Now for those fans who think it will be impossible to not recognize the skier isn't part of a Mariachi band, take a good look. This uniform is 100% unique and will easily fool anyone (unless Von Hohenlohe is wearing a helmet.)

The suit might be the high point of Hubertus Von Hohenlohe journey for gold as most sports enthusiasts don’t think he is going to medal in his events. Unless there is a special category for best dressed on the slopes. And even then people might mistake him for the entertainment.

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