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Mexican Hot Chocolate: Beating the winter chill

Chocolate y Trufa at Toloache Thompson
Chocolate y Trufa at Toloache Thompson
Courtesy: KB Network News

This is one of those winters where the cold seeps into your bones and chills you from the inside out. Despite long underwear under your clothes, coats, scarves and hats, the chill doesn't go away unless you warm up your insides. You can beat that chill with a hot spicy chocolate drink - it's the perfect way to warm your bones!

Did you know that chocolate was originally consumed only as a beverage? Cacao beans were ground on a stone called a metate until the oils formed a paste. That paste was mixed with water and spices to make a hot spicy beverage savored by kings.

Besides the obvious warming effect of a hot chocolate drink there are other benefits. More than 1500 years ago, the Mayan and Aztec cultures considered the cocoa bean to be an aphrodisiac. Allegedly the Aztec ruler, Montezuma, drank several cups of a strong and dark chocolate drink known as "xocoatl" before visiting his harem to give him strength. The Aztecs believed xocoatl increased a man's stamina.

My advice to you - run, don't walk to get the best hot spicy chocolate drink you can find! If you are braving the winter cold in New York, you are in luck.

During the month of February, a special Mexican Hot Chocolate, Chocolate y Trufa, is being featured at the newly opened Toloache Thompson in the West Village. Toloache Thompson is owned by Chef Julian Medina, and is the third installment of this concept and seventh restaurant in total for the rising restaurateur.

Chocolate y Trufa is a spicy hot chocolate with chile de arbol and Mexican vanilla topped tableside with a white truffle froth made with fresh white truffle infused milk and heavy cream.

For just $10 you can warm your bones, delight your palate and possibly spice up your love life. Winter is looking better now, isn't it?

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