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Mexican helicopter crosses border: Shots fired in Arizona, US Border Patrol says

A Mexican helicopter crosses the border in an apparent attempt to save 39 migrants from kidnappers this week and results in shots being fired. The US Border Patrol is still reviewing the incident with Mexican law enforcement authorities following Thursday’s close call where two shots were allegedly fired after the kidnappers made it exceedingly near Arizona territory. The Wall Street Journal Online shares the tense circumstances surrounding the brief standoff this Friday, June 27, 2014.

A Mexican helicopter crosses the US border, opens fire
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The US Border Patrol released a formal statement this Friday morning reporting that a helicopter under the apparent jurisdiction of law officials from Mexico crossed the established border by roughly 100 yards early Thursday morning. A total of two shots were said to be fired on Arizona ground, though authorities are still said to be in contention over whether the situation actually occurred, or at least to what degree.

The Mexican helicopter was said to have passed over to US soil as part of a last-ditch effort to rescue a purported 39 migrants from a slew of native kidnappers. Some information surrounding the situation has not been disclosed to the public, but it is known that the close call took place several miles southwest of San Miguel. The agency did not clarify with more details in their update, as the incident is still being investigated by the Border Patrol unit.

"Two shots were fired from the helicopter but no injuries or damage to U.S. property were reported," the statement affirmed. "The incident is currently under investigation."

Despite American officials claiming that the Mexican helicopter did in fact cross the border into Arizona territory, law enforcement authorities in Mexico are denying these allegations. NBC News reveals that they remain convinced that one of their own helicopters ever actually passed into US grounds, and say that there is no evidence two shots were filed north of the separating border.

One spokesperson for the Mexican Attorney General’s Office also issued a statement this Friday saying that there had indeed been a rescue mission in operation early on Thursday involving kidnappers and captured migrants. However, although he verified that the incident took place close to the US border, he denied that the helicopter ever invaded American territory or opened fire there.

"They never crossed the border, not helicopters and not bullets," the official concluded.

According to the breaking report, a total of 39 migrants — a majority of the travelers being Mexican with a few also hailing from Central America — were being held captive extremely close to the US border. Therefore, US officials had been made aware of the rescue mission to stop the kidnappers, but it seems that the heightened proximity of the incident — the holding site was said to be only 150 meters from Arizona soil — likely led to the confusion with the Mexican helicopter possibly crossing the border.

The investigation is still being examined as of Saturday afternoon. Representatives and spokespersons for the Arizona Office of the Governor and the union for Border Patrol authorities have not provided further comment at this time.

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