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Mexican Bats in Texas

Amazing bats of Austin
Amazing bats of Austin
Melissa Sue Photography

From March to November Austin is the home to over a million Mexican bats and one of the major attractions to see when you visit Austin.  They can travel up to 10,000 feet in altitude at over 60 MPH.  These bats help the Austin insect population stay low by eating anywhere from 10,000-30,000 insects nightly.  Although these bats have amazing interesting facts, they are also a featured attraction when visiting Austin. 

Congress Street bridge is the most popular spot to watch these bats blanket the sky.  You may also watch them on a kayak, on a segway, or upon a capital cruise.  Austin holds a batfest every year with crafts, food, and music to celebrate these great creatures. 

For more information on Mexican Bats please contact Bat Conservation International at (512) 327-9721.