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Mew spotted in ‘Pokemon X & Y’

Legendary Pokemon Mew has been spotted in “Pokemon X & Y,” according to videos by YouTube user PimpNite.

The appearance likely has to do with gamers in Japan having access to Pokebank since Mew is not available in either “Pokemon X & Y.” Gamers in Japan had access to both the PokeTransporter and PokeBank apps before Nintendo shut them down on Dec. 26 after reports the apps played a part in congesting the company’s online server to the point where it had to be temporarily shutdown.

According to the video, the Mew contained the moves Teleport, Metronome, Icicle Crash and Aura Sphere.

This isn’t the first report of a legendary Pokemon being spotted in the game. Earlier in the week, spotted Giratina another likely pocket monster that got in the game thanks to the Japanese release of the PokeBank.

Nintendo has yet to announce when the apps will be released outside of Japan.

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