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Mets to keep Double-A players in Binghamton

Binghamton Mets
Don Rieber Jr.

Turns out, the rumors of the Binghamton Mets move to Ottawa were greatly exaggerated.

The N.Y. Mets eased the mind of B-Mets ownership and fans when they announced yesterday, that their Double-A affiliate would remain in Binghamton through at least 2016.

The four-year agreement is a welcome change from recent player development contracts that have been signed between the two clubs, which ran for two years at a time.

Binghamton ownership had repeatedly denied the move to Ottawa, but the rumor just wouldn't go away, until now.

The biggest reason for the rumored move was the attendance in Binghamton, which has been down in recent years. To me, the reason for that is simple. Binghamton has not made the playoffs in eight years, including this season.

Binghamton fans have been notorious for not showing up if you don't put a winner on the field. Luckily, that has not hurt them as far as losing a franchise... at least not yet.


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