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Metropolitan Area Employment & Unemployment May 2014

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Earlier this week the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment Summary for May 2014. The BLS tracks 372 metropolitan areas unemployment across the United States. According to this report, during May the national unemployment rate was 6.1% which was down from 7.3% a year earlier.

Of the 372 Metropolitan areas in the United States there were 204 metropolitan areas that have an unemployment lower than 6.1%, while 156 metro areas were above the national unemployment rate and 12 metro areas were equal to the national unemployment rate for May.

Nationally, during the month of May the highest metro unemployment in the nation was Yuma, AZ 26.5% and El Centro CA at 21.1%. Bismark, ND had the lowest metro unemployment in the country at 2.2%, overall the state of ND had a statewide unemployment low of 2.4%.

In Florida there are 20 metropolitan areas that are a part of the BLS report that was released. The metro area of Crestville-Ft Walton Beach-Destin reported the lowest metro unemployment rate of 4.4% compared to Palm Coast that posted the highest metro unemployment in the state at 8.6%. In Florida there are 12 metropolitan ares that are below the national unemployment rate and 8 metro areas either at or above the national unemployment rate of 6.1%. According to the BLS report the average unemployment rate across the State of Florida was also 6.1% in May.

Each month the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports on the 372 metropolitan cities or areas across the country and reports the unemployment rate for each metro areas. This report lets you know what metro areas have jobs. To see the full metropolitan area report click this link: Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment – May 2014. The next release by Bureau of Labor Statistics, Metropolitan Area Unemployment and Employment Report covers June and will be released on July 30, 2014.

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