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Metroplex Libertarians join marijuana march


News from the liberterrain…

Although the immigration marches and counter-marches dominated Saturday's news in Dallas and nationwide, several local Libertarians eagerly participated in that "other" long-planned street demonstration, the 2010 Worldwide Marijuana March.

"Free the weed!"Amie Parsons and John Jay Myers were
   among the North Texas Libertarians who turned out to support
   the re-legalization of marijuana rally in downtown Dallas.
   (screenshot from DallasCountyLP video)

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Around ten North Texas libertarians joined activists in front of Dallas City Hall to call for an end to cannabis prohibition. The local effort, sponsored by DFW NORML (Dallas/Ft. Worth National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) was held in concert with similar rallies in over 300 cities around the world.

"It was a great event for Libertarians to participate in," said Amie Parsons, North Texas Director for the Libertarian Party of Texas. "We had a crowd of over 100 in attendance that want government out of their lives. They were excited we were there and want to do more outreach activities together in the future."

Parsons is running for the Texas State Board of Education.

John Jay Myers, candidate for US Congress and for Libertarian National Committee Chair, echoed Parson's need for more interaction with the marijuana reform activists.

"I was shocked at the number of people that were 'anti-war,' 'anti-drug war,' and even 'anti-big government' that had never heard of the Libertarian Party," Myers told the Dallas Libertarian Examiner. "We seemed to have a really good response from these people, not that I expected a negative one. It definitely shows we need more outreach to these people."

The Libertarian Party makes it clear that it neither advocates nor opposes drug use, only that the choice be left to each individual and not to the government.

Libertarians do not believe in jailing people for victimless crimes such as smoking marijuana.

NORML March with Dallas Libertarian Party
(DallasCountyLP video by John Jay Myers and Zach Smith)


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  • Kent McManigal- 5 years ago

    It is odd how many people equate pointing out the stupidity of prohibition with a desire to see people use the substances. I guess they can't understand "leaving people alone".

  • Marc 5 years ago

    As most libertarians already know, the war against marijuana began a couple of years after the repeal of alcohol prohibition in 1932. It was really all about saving federal law enforcement jobs no longer needed. A new major treat to the health and well being of Americans was quickly manufactured out of whole cloth. For some reason, marijuana was chosen even though most people at that time had never heard of the plant and use was limited to a few dozen black jazz musicians and a small number of Mexican quest workers. At first they claimed that it would turn ordinary people into raging homicidal maniacs but later stated that men (potential draftees) who used the substance would become so passive that they would be useless in foreign wars.

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