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Metronomy to play at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in May

Metronomy's fourth studio album 'Love Letters' was released in March.
Metronomy's fourth studio album 'Love Letters' was released in March.

After a three-year hiatus, the British rock band Metronomy will play at The Music Hall of Williamsburg on May 15, to promote their fourth studio album 'Love Letters.'

Metronomy released their album back in March and are back in action with a mature sound and nostalgic tunes that made us wonder why they took a break in the first place.

Metronomy front man, Joseph Mount, sings, "stuck in 1992 here…Playing ‘I Will Always Love You,’ yeah," off the first tack, 'The Upsetter'. The melancholic lyrics sounds exactly like a love letter from a broken hearted teenager who got rejected. Expect a John Cusack look alike standing outside your window, with a boom box blasting some Metronomy. Click here to listen to the song.

The "I’m back out on the Riviera," reference in 'The Upsetter' is and ode to their breakthrough album 'The English Riviera.' The beautiful melodies of their hit single, 'The Look' is a classic summer hit of 2011, with its subtle organ tunes and acoustic guitar chords.

Though Letters is a far stretch from Riviera’s success, the album is more personal and transports us to the 60’s and 70’s with an array of psychedelic, glam and funky, groovy tunes. It’s still danceable but not as happy go lucky as its predecessor. There are some jazz influences in 'I’m Aquarius,' a clever interpretation of a couple’s failed relationship whose zodiac signs depict their future. “I best be leaving, cause you’re a novice and I’m a Taurus,” yelps the gloomy front man. Ouch, the feisty bull – horned woman is too experienced for the sweet humbled Aquarius. Otherwise, this up-tempo beat is perfect to listen to during those rainy days under the covers.

Tickets are now on sale at the Bowery Presents!