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Metronome Re-opens

During a bizarre Spring, Club Metronome had been under construction for upwards to a month. That was until April second when a private party was thrown to reveal a new and improved 2.0. In true club fashion the festivities opened by two crucial elements of hip-hop: the DJ's and B-Boys. Adorned with new sound and lighting, select patrons enjoyed a refurbished lounge with free Long Trail bottles and glasses of wine. Burlington staples DJ Craig Mitchell and the Rhythm Ryderz serenaded audiences as they rose to their feet to get a better view. Due to exclusivity the event was intimate and well under capacity, which enabled the dance crew to showcase their acrobatic talents over a spectrum of beat styles. Head glides and back flips were only a few of the incredible moves that had the channel 3 news team present.

Jonathan Patterson was relieved to see Metronome's vision come to fruition for the Spring season. As a co-founder of, a local database for social events and deals throughout Burlington, he was frustrated to see True School Hip-Hop on Wednesdays struggle. He claims, "True School could become a mid week tradition this summer."  JP's partners Leslie Merinoff and Brian Kwasnieski had put months of work to make a name for Nectar's on a traditionally dull night to promote both businesses. The event had been relegated to the finished back quarter of Metronome from its head spot downstairs in March.

Since April second the faithful have affirmed the club's intentions, making Club Metronome the premier spot in a competitive downtown market. Three new projection screens and music inspired murals create an aesthetic that could foster a thriving hip-hop scene in Burlington. See for yourself why the Rhythm Ryderz can't get enough of Club Metronome 2.0.


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