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Metrodome in Minneapolis collapses under heavy snow affects Vikings schedule

The Metrodome is climate controlled, except for today!
The Metrodome is climate controlled, except for today!
Rebecca Adams

One thing about that Metrodome (officially called the Mall of America Metrodome) we have in Minneapolis, unlike, let's say Green Bay's facilities, is that we're assured no matter what the weather, the game will go on.

That's not the case anymore, is it, ticketholders? The Vikings schedule was already modified because the Giants couldn't even get here - no problem - let's move that game to Monday. Now, well, we've got a bigger problem - the roof collapsed!

The StarTribune/Vikings website shows a picture of the deflated structure. It also states there is a crew of men on top of the Metrodome blasting it with hot water. It's current 0 degrees out there, making it extremely difficult and actually dangerous working conditions.

One of the players indicates this has been the weirdest thing to happen to him in his football career. He's probably not from Minnesota - we're so used to making plans from November - April according to the weather. In fact, if you hadn't noticed, many of the past Saturdays have been treacherous.

Little is known yet what is going to happen to the schedule and the ticket holders who had planned to see the game. I am sure there are more logistics than we could ever realize.

The winter may be a lot like the long and cold one we had in 1996 or 1991. It is certainly starting out that way - what are you going to do differently this winter? I suggest making all plans tentative!


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