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MetroCon2011: The Anime Human Chess Match examined

MetroCon2011 Chess Match
MetroCon2011 Chess Match
Susan Schwartz

Most anime fans are aware of the major event for Florida’s largest anime convention: The Anime Human Chess Match.

For the last few years the chess match has been building a storyline that pits good vs. evil. This year the theme was Hunters vs. Monsters, but it did not seem as if the actual story within the chess match was drawing on the major aspects of previous storylines.

In 2009, Hitome Kanzaki (Escaflowne) was kidnapped by Darth Vader (Star Wars).

In 2010, Razputin 'Raz' Aquato (Psychonauts) attempted to rescue Hitome, but was killed by her instead. Hitome had, as the saying goes, "gone to the Darkside."

In 2011, there was a turf war between Kain (Legacy of Kain) and Integra Hellsing (Hellsing).

What happened to Hitome? None of the trailer videos (which were released a couple days before the actual convention) mentioned her existence. They did, however, talk about the defeated foe from 2010, Lord Ashram, who was out for revenge. It seems that the purpose of this year’s chess match was to further develop the idea that evil will stop at nothing to get what it wants.

Pyramid Head (from the video game Silent Hill) made a gruesome guest appearance thanks to Wesker. Check out the video on this page to see the great performance that was put together for him.

Understandably, MetroCon seems to have a repeating problem every year: the microphones. It can be difficult to make sure every character is heard, but the chess match was put on twice. By the time the second show rolled around on Sunday, most of the performers and staff had figured out who needs to have a mic and when.

The sound effects were sometimes late and there were moments when they never happened. For instance, the Lich King has a wet, coiling sound effect every time he claims a dead body for his army. The effect was played on cue the first couple times, but after that it was a hit-or-miss.

The background music for the fights was amazing and there were less technical difficulties during the second show than there were for the first.

If you went to MetroCon2011, your Fort Lauderdale Anime Examiner wants to know what you thought about the Anime Human Chess Match. Feel free to post your comments below.


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