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Metro: Last Light possible release date leak and Limited Edition bonuses

Metro: Last Light
Metro: Last Light
THQ, 4A Games

THQ and 4A Games seem to be having a generous month in celebration of Metro: Last Light's impending release. Last week, THQ announced a Facebook giveaway for thousands of free Steam codes for the game's predecessor, Metro 2033- today is the last day for that, by the way, so redeem while codes are still available.

The developers also announced two days ago that all pre-orders of Metro: Last Light will be classified as Limited Edition, and will include an AKS-74U modified Russian rifle, "Ranger load-out," which will allow players to spend points on upgrading weapons and gear, and the immensely difficult Ranger mode. These goodies are available for pre-order now via shopTHQ, but those who pre-order the PS3 version via PSN on or after December 18 will receive an additional bonus of Kaos Studios' Homefront, as well as a PSN theme.

I discovered a possible release date for Metro: Last Light via, which states that the game will be out on March 31, 2013 on the Limited Edition pre-order page. The release window for Last Light is March 2013, so it stands to reason that the game will definitely be out by then. But GameStop's projected release dates should otherwise be taken with a grain of salt, as the retailer is notorious for listing spectacularly inaccurate dates before they are officially announced.

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