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Metro Denver adventuring on the cheap

You probably won't need the bull whip, but the fedora has never gone out of style.
You probably won't need the bull whip, but the fedora has never gone out of style.
Photo from wikicommons

Adventuring in LoDo should always be a fun experience and listed below are several practical suggestions for solid adventuring in the mile high town. Remember any gear you might already own is a perfect substitute for a Denver safari.

Gear should be simple: a mesh backpack capable of carrying a note book, pens, and a small digital camera with a carabineer clip for starters. Your camera doesn’t need to be a sophisticated instrument-a grocery store item would be fine.

A cell phone can’t be beat if you’re out of change for the bus. Dollar coins are handy for parking in downtown lots.

Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat-remember you’re a mile high closer to the sun.

A handy foldable map guide from any 16th mall shop or paperback guide available at your library are both good examples for planning. Something with a combination of Denver history and popular attractions is perfect.

Plan your adventure well. Have several objectives and plan for inconsistencies in your visit.

For example, special events, day time, night time, and remember some businesses might be closed on the day of your visit. A few minutes of online research will save an hour or two of walking and disappointment.

Sturdy walking shoes are a must, even if you decide to take the 16th street bus. Many cool and exciting places are off the mall, and remember, the 16th street mall is surrounded by 150 year old Denver history.

Adventuring on the cheap in Denver is practical, and it allows you the freedom to spend your time and money effectively, making your visit anything but cheap! Bring a friend and experience the dynamo that is Denver.



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