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Methane gas blows up barn with cows: 90 gassy cows damage barn

Methane gas blows up barn with cows.
Methane gas blows up barn with cows.
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Methane gas from a herd of cows in Germany blows up a barn when the bovines were being flatulent. A build up of methane gas from a herd of flatulent cows has caused an explosion on a farm. Mirror reports Jan. 28 that a build up of the methane gas cows were emitting resulted in an extreme blast that blew off the roof of the cow shed.

Luckily just one of the cows was injured in the methane gas blow up. It was treated for burns.

A total of 90 cows were inside the barn in Rasdorf when the "gas" explosion occurred. The level of methane was enough to cause enough damage to barn structure and produce flames, the report said. Police said in a statement that "a static electric charge" caused the explosion from the cows' methane gas.

Methane gas from cows is believed to play a role in global warming. The report added that one cow emits enough gas in one day to fill up a 400 liter bottle.

When you see the headline about methane gas from cows blows up barn in Germany, you do a double-take. Is that really true? In this instance, the cattle were seriously gassy enough to rip the roof off the barn they were contained in.