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Meteorologist rescues tiny kitten from rubble after tornado

While covering the story of a destructive tornado in Cedarville, Ohio meteorologist Rich Wirdzek discovered a kitten crying in the rubble.

On his Facebook page, Wirdzek posted a video showing the rescue of the terrified four-week-old kitten.

While speaking in a kind voice, and holding her gently, Wirdzek brought the kitten to the warmth and safety his WHIO TV van. After a checkup by a veterinarian, the kitten was returned to the Dobbins family, in whose barn she was born. She was given the name Twister, and her two siblings, who were also found alive, were named Lucky and Storm.

Although the three kittens were safe, their mother was still missing. Until Sunday, that is. Mady, the Dobbins’ family cat who had been missing since the May 14 tornado, was found on Sunday and reunited with her family.

There were no reported fatalities from the EF3 category tornado, although several homes were destroyed. Since it will take the Dobbins several months to rebuild their home, Rich Wirdzek, the meteorologist who saved the tiny kitten, has taken his hero status one step further. Wirdzek has adopted Twister.

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