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Meteorologist fireworks: Michigan TV meteorologist loses eye in accident

Photo by Noam Galai

In shocking news over the Fourth of July a Michigan meteorologist was injured by fireworks and actually lost his eye because it was so bad. On Monday, USA Today shared a report of what happened to him. WXYZ-TV meteorologist Dave Rexroth was injured and is now scheduled to have surgery on Wednesday for his injuries.

The injury was so bad that he lost vision in his left eye and will be receiving a prosthetic eye when he has surgery. He was on a vacation with his family when it all went down. At this time, there are no reports of what happened exactly but it was something with fireworks. People are warned every year to be careful with them but there are always injuries too.

The station has said that he won't be back to work right away. They are hoping that Dave Rexroth will be able to be back by September. It does sound like they plan to keep his job open for him and it will be there when he returns.

ABC News shared that it happened in Iowa City where he was on vacation with his family. They contacted the local police to try and get a report explaining what happened but there is not one available. It may have never been reported to police but obviously he had to be taken to the hospital after this injury.

Dave Rexroth is not the first person to be injured with a firework. Hopefully the fact that this meteorologist lost his eye just having a good time will teach people to be more careful. Fireworks are a lot of fun but things can end up going wrong and this is how someone gets hurt. Everyone is sending Dave well wishes and hoping for a speedy recovery. His surgery will be happening this Wednesday.

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