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Meteor Wines


Today is Meteor Day. That's right, and I'll bet you didn't know that. I'm not sure why Meteor Day slips by so often unnoticed. It's such a great and wonderful occasion. A special day set aside for the appreciation of, . . aaa, meteors. Yeah, that's it, meteors! You know, those things that streak across the sky at night. Some people call them shooting stars and make a wish if they see one. But they are really meteors. Rocks. Specs of space dust.

Who am I kidding, I know exactly why you didn't know today was Meteor Day. B O R I N G! I mean, why even have a Meteor Day if it's not something you can really celebrate. And how the dickens would you celebrate it anyway. What is so exciting about a piece of rock burning up in the atmosphere? It happens every day, all the time.

But I like a challenge; and I like watching a good meteor shower at night and it can be kind of festive. So what's missing? What would turn this special day into something worth celebrating? Something worth remembering. Wine! Yeah, what we need is a meteor wine. A wine that reflects the very essence of Meteor Day; and we'll need a whole lot of advertising.

With that in mind, I visited one of my favorite wine shops in Charlotte and asked that all important question, "Do you have any meteor wines?" I guess the guy didn't hear me the first time because he just stared at me like I had 3 heads. So I repeated. "Do you have any meteor wines? "You know, wines that would go well with meteors." Before I even got that last sentence out of my mouth, I realized how truly crazy it sounded. And I guess the poor wine guy agreed because he looked at the floor, paused for about 45 seconds and said, "I don't think we have any of those."

OK, strike one. After regrouping my thoughts and my dignity, I proceeded to another wine shop at Birkdale Village. They have lots of wines. Someone there should be able to help me. I had already decided to change my approach this time, so here goes. I saw this very busy lady and when she looked like she was through, I asked, "Do you know what a meteor wine is?" She answered, "No, what is it?" Oh great, that didn't work. So I said, "I just want a wine that I can use to celebrate Meteor Day." Their reply was, "Why, what day?" OK, strike two.

Wine goes with everything, so there has to be a wine for Meteor Day. A wine that compliments the celebration. A wine that brightens up the night just like a shooting star. A wine that is powerful and explosive, just like a meteor. Champagne! Yes. That's it. I did it! I found a meteor wine. Now we have the perfect wine to sip tonight while we watch for meteors.

Oh crap! It's raining.

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