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Metaphysics, Hurricanes and Tropical Storms...

Attention, and the flow of energy
Attention, and the flow of energy
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This time of the year is when the Tropics come alive. The oceans have been cooked all summer, and the sea surface temperatures are now at their peak. The atmosphere then takes that heat energy and creates the big storms we know as hurricanes and tropical storms. In nature, a hurricane's job is to create balance in the Earth's heat budget. They carry heat from the tropical regions to the poles. In this way, Mother Earth seeks balance. Our lives are like a microcosm of this planetary balancing act.
Now, in the metaphysical world, some say there is a MUCH bigger game being played. According to those "in the know", there is a huge influx of New Energy being blasted into the system. As a result of this, our whole society is now trying to find that place of balance. Our political and economic systems have been thrown into chaos. As more and more "light" illuminates the "dark corners", we'll continue to see many things we may not enjoy. But as is the case many times in nature, I'm sure something wonderful will emerge out of the chaos. If we all set our intent in that direction, it will be so.
I would like to share a great quote on this topic from the Kryon website:

" How many of you will instead turn this around and celebrate the pruning of the economic tree? "Thank you, God, that this tree will now survive because we pruned off the parts that don't serve us." "Thank you, God," you might say, "that the free enterprise that made this particular country unique can survive because we again have changed the way it works. Thank you, God, that history does not have to repeat itself and we will not have life extinction just because many think it will." This power of yours is what is being taught right now by Spirit through many channels. It is what the system has become. You're now in charge!"

And another quote to end things...this time from The Beatles: "Let it be".


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