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Metamoris III features several BJJ legends, but will fight fans pay to watch?

According to a Jan. 20 report from Fansided, Metamoris III will feature a main event that pits BJJ legends Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie against each other.

"I've wanted a rematch for 10 years," said Bravo at the Metamoris II post-fight press conference at Pauley Pavilion. "I got lucky to go against a legend once. Most people, most lightweights, their dream was to go against Royler. I was lucky enough get pitted up against him. If Buster Douglas got a rematch, that is something I would want to see."

Gracie is hoping to get a little revenge on Bravo, after being tapped out by him in a 2003 competition.

"Make a little mistake and you're done," Gracie said. "Just one little mistake. I'll try to do my best for the next one. Who knows what is going to happen this time, but for sure I'm going to be 100 percent."

Besides the aforementioned main event, Metamoris III is clearly trying to create a little buzz in the MMA community by including UFC vets Renato "Babalu" Sobral, Dean Lister and Vinny Magalhaes in the event.

Unfortunately, it's not likely that Metamoris will become a big hit amongst UFC fans.

While it's true that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a key base discipline in MMA, the sport is simply not very spectator-friendly.

In all likelihood, only those who are highly involved in jiu-jitsu and the lifestyle of the sport will be willing to buy the Metamoris pay-per-view. Less than 100,000 people practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the United States, so that means the Metamoris audience will be extremely limited.

For those who don't practice BJJ and have a skill level of at least blue, they probably won't really understand the matches.

Metamoris matches are slow, technical grappling battles, without punches or kicks.

Will Metamoris be a huge hit amongst MMA fans? Let us know in the comments or tweet the author, @ericholden.

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