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Metal & Glass Ensemble offers haunting soundtrack for the longest night of the year

metal and glass ensemble

With an otherworldly and meditative sound that conjures up mental images like moonlight on snow, Metal & Glass Ensemble is the perfect accompaniment to a cold Solstice evening. This rotating group of musicians creates an evolving, improvisational, ambient drone out of acoustic instruments, bowed cymbals and other metal objects, and water glasses of all sizes. They describe the sound as, “every sound you have ever loved, lasting forever.”

Tonight’s roster includes:
Peter Warren: bowed metal
Heather Townsend: glass
Thadd Comstock: metal & glass
Randy Winchester: bowed metal
Matt Samolis: flute
Katt Hernandez: violin
Grant Smith: percussion
Vic Rawlings: cello
David Michael Curry: viola
Jane Wang: contrabass

When and where: Monday, December 21. 8:00pm - 11:00pm. Third Life Studios. 33 Union Square, Somerville. $10 suggested donation.