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Metal Gear Solid V: will take advantage of Sony's Remote-Play feature

A few months ago there was plenty of skepticism whether Hideo Kojima’s highly anticipated two part Metal Gear Solid title would be able to take advantage of Sony’s Remote-Play feature. On January 14th, 2014 those doubts were put to rest in spectacular fashion.

In game Stills
In game Stills
Konami Corp./Kojima Productions
Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain
Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima took to his personal Twitter account to tease Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain for the PS4, no real big surprise since the game has been announced for months. He sent the internet a wry, showing off the visually stunning game running on the PlayStation Vita.

This adds value to the struggling handheld which many in the gaming community have written off as a dud. The PlayStation Vita has been gaining momentum as of late with the indie developer community, and Sony’s announced gaming cloud service, PlayStation Now. This begs the question, will the PS Vita receive standalone AAA title support in the future? Given the benefits of Remote-Play, saving time and resources to developers may off-set creation of unique gaming experiences which take advantage of the handheld's many features.

Game publisher Konami Corp. is undoubtedly revving up its marketing machine engine. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the prelude to Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain is due this March.

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