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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain demo impressions, new feature announced

E3 2014 demo impressions
E3 2014 demo impressions
Photo courtesy of SCEA, used with permission.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was not playable on the floor at E3 2014, however a thirty minute gameplay demo was shown. This author was able to witness the demo first hand, and the intricate details and dynamic effects involved with the game are mindblowing. Snake shows up in Afghanistan on his horse and approaches a camp. The dynamic effects are immediately witnessed as the horse poops. Yes, the horse will randomly poop in the game. Snake approaches an outpost and disguises himself on the side of the horse. He is able to take out both soldiers with the tranquilizer gun. More dynamic effects are felt as a sandstorm approaches and makes the environment difficult to see.

Once to the base, Snake can identify soldiers from a distance. Time can also be fast forward with a use of an E-Cigar. It seems like Snake won't be smoking cigarettes this time around. A ton of information is accessed through Snake's iDroid. Supplies can be dropped and enemies can also be identified. The inclusion of weather balloons exists in The Phantom Pain. These are used to lift soldiers, vehicles, or storage units to your base (we will get into this in a minute). Intel can be gathered from soldiers, however you can still get intel out of soldiers while holding them at gunpoint.

A couple of things missing from Ground Zeroes are returning to TPP. The ability to knock on walls to lure nearby soldiers comes back, as does the inclusion of the legendary cardboard box. A few enhancements have been implemented with the box. Snake can now pop out of the box to take down an enemy, and Snake can also bail from the box and use it as a decoy.

The mission was a rescue mission, and it involved saving the person who was actually playing the demo. Snake was able to get a jeep and escape. Once off the base, an airstrike was called in to eliminate everything.

As mentioned before, weather balloons can be used to launch soldiers and other things in the air. A feature newly announced at E3 2014 for TPP, the game will feature a physical home base that looks like an oil rig in the ocean. Sending items back to the base allows you to grow your base into a larger facility. One cool thing is that the base can be attacked, and this can be largely due to people that have been rubbed the wrong way on missions. This means building defense on the base is extremely important.

The game looks incredible at this point, as the cutscenes are actual gameplay, rather than CGI. Running at 1080p and 60 frames per second, there might not be a better looking game on the market. Stay tuned for more information about The Phantom Pain.

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