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Metal Flowers Media Bravely Continues to Blossom

The most innovative, combative and genuine casting agency in the United States, Metal Flowers Media, continues to soar as numerous networks and show ideas explode onto cable television. Not only is Metal Flowers Media the ultimate casting agency in Boulder, with headquarters in Hollywood, California, they also produce and have the talent behind the camera to truly give the world what they want, non-scripted entertainment. Everybody comes to Hollywood might have been true ten years ago, but owner and founder, Krist Russell has planted her seed in Boulder, Colorado and has no plans to quit anytime soon. Janelle Nixon, Vice President of casting, also aids in the success of the company with her relaxed, sassy/smart, but assertive personality and those gorgeous blonde locks.

Janelle Nixon, Vice President of Casting.
Metal Flowers Media Website
Boulder MFM Crew
Kristi Russell

I am lucky and humbled enough to be employed by this amazing company headed by the fiercely casting veteran, Kristi Russell, and have learned so much about producing results to what the network executives want; successful, confident and very charismatic individuals. I recently traveled to Hollywood for work/fun attending the Monster Tour featuring Rihanna & Eminem and had the most eye-opening, thrilling experience of a lifetime. Not only did I get to sit side by side by entertainment industry experts, I got a feel for what it would be like to work and live in sunny southern California.

I recently was wrapped from the show I was working on, Bar Masters. I was casting for Chicago, Miami & New York, but spent most of my time establishing relationships with very successful, talented/entertainment industry bar owners in New York. The casting industry is awesome, but frustratingly finicky at the same time, because there's no guarantee you will stay with the company once a show is wrapped. The network changes their mind on a daily basis, so either have supplemental income or apply to work at a network. Through my experience with this wonderfully, innovative and fresh company, I have truly blossomed into a young professional who has months of experience working with casting producers, directors and writers that have paved the way for me & given me the tools to survive alone, naked & afraid, but ready to take my skills to the next level, grounded and stable.

When I traveled to NYC for 48 hours after the news of my wrap while still in Hollywood, a bar I had a relationship with who chose not to be interviewed on camera for the show told me it would be smart to have flowers scattered across the United States who could work from home and actually establish relationships with people in person. The phone is great and us entertainment people have no problem picking up the phone and interviewing them, but if a casting dude was in person and in that city the network was looking to cast, the probability of producing an even better show is very likely to catch the eye of the world. I literally heard the bartenders at this bar in NYC talking about me and the owner, clearly shouting things my way like, 'they need this kid in NYC.' 'They could be like a tribe, a team of intelligent, hard-working professionals fostering and maintaining vital relationships.'

After regrouping with family and friends over the past week, I hope I am lucky enough to be offered another position on an upcoming show, either in Boulder or Hollywood. People who know me, know my dream has always been to work and live in LA. This wrap has been the best thing that's ever happened to me in my adult career. I've had the chance to focus on me for a bit (I literally worked day and night by choice) to prove my loyalty and desire to be in this industry and show I have what it takes to flirt with the big dogs around the world in an assertive, positive and genuine way and produce results. I've always been told I have an eye for talent and believe I do, but my former show lead, Mr. Hauser, definitely mentored, guided and allowed me to truly determine the difference between A+ & A.

Thank you so much, Metal Flowers Media & Jessie Davis for getting my foot in the door - You have changed my life!

Oh & this is not trashy, Bad Girls Club or Flavor of Love type of specialty programming, this is nitty, gritty high male testosterone, survivor type of shows that only recruit the most skilled and talented people in their respective industries.

Check out their social media outlets below so you can become a star. If you feel you could ruffle someone's feathers or feel yours get boinked on a daily basis, Metal Flowers Media would love to hear from you.

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