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Metal bands bleed into the ‘Shark Week’ spirit and share favorite sharks

It has been said that metal is the most extreme (if not most brutal) form of music in the world today. So it stands to reason that some bands appreciate other extremes in life and nature, as well. Sure enough, many metal bands are enthusiasts of some of the most brutal creatures that roam the seas – sharks!

Shark Week 2014
Discovery Channel

In honor of Discovery Channel’s annual television event, ‘Shark Week,’ Examiner sought out some of these purveyors of extremity to find out what sharks they found most fascinating. Read on, and the admiration shared by the likes of Deceased, Steel Prophet, Liege Lord, Between the Buried and Me, Broken Hope, Monsterworks, and others. And don’t forget to catch ‘Shark Week’ every night this week on Discovery!

  • “The Great White, because of ‘Jaws’!!! That mutha was wilddddddd!” ~ King Fowley (Deceased, October 31)
  • “The Bull shark, because they can survive in salt and fresh water, which makes them the perfect hunter.” ~ Paul Allender (White Empress, ex-Cradle of Filth)
  • “I'm a metal guy, so the Great White shark, of course! Biggest, baddest, deadliest and most vicious! Show no mercy!” Joe Comeau (Liege Lord, DuskMachine)
  • “Frilled shark (AKA Chlamydoselachus anguineus) - it has lizard-like features with snakelike bodies! In your face, normal sharks!” ~ Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me)
  • “My favorite shark is the Hammerhead. Those guys swim in schools during the day and hunt alone at night. Also their head being wider has more electro-receptory sensory pores than other sharks, making them better hunters. They also look badass.” ~ Shane Blay (Wovenwar)
  • "I like Hammerheads, because they're f***ing crazy looking…and we have a song called ‘Hammer Head!’” ~ Mikey Doling (Channel Zero)
  • "My favorite shark is definitely the Hammerhead, because it looks really silly but would kill you." ~ Nate Godbee (Gunpowder Gray)
  • "My favorite shark is the Hammerhead. It's got a pretty bizarre yet elegant look. And over Overkill wrote a song called ‘Hammerhead.’ That's rock 'n roll." ~ Steve Kachinsky (Steel Prophet)
  • "The Great White, of course because it’s a fascinating predator, and ‘Jaws’ got me into it, like many of us. And the Tiger shark for its beautiful stripes, and the Bulldog shark because its mouth is very scary." ~ Olivier Lolmede (Drawers)
  • “I am a huge shark fan! My favorite shark is the Great White shark. What a great, huge and beautiful creature; and what a perfect killing machine! Anything that grows longer than 18 feet and weighs a ton is the coolest fish in the sea; nothing like seeing that big shark's fin when it rises out of the water. When those divers go into the shark cage with a Great White, it’s always amazing. I love shark horror movies too. Every time a new one comes out I have to watch it. Nothing better than a pure, 20-foot eating machine that never stops!” ~ Ryan Michaski (Dead Dark Slide, Cosmic Punch)
  • "My favorite species of shark is whichever one you decline to sing about on your contrived retro-thrash album. That was Wehrmacht's thing, not a universal standard. And stop writing songs about partying and pizza, too, you idiots!” ~ Jeff Tandy (Birth A.D.)
  • “I guess the obvious and expected answer is the Great White. It's a massive eating, swimming, little shark-making machine. It stars in one of my all-time favorite movies (to which the previous sentence was an unsubtle nod). It kills often and with unparalleled violence, which is very metal. But on the other hand, it inspired the band that thoroughly ruined Ian Hunter's "Once Bitten Twice Shy" and later started a club fire that killed a hundred of their own fans. So...I'd say the Hammerhead is my favorite. Why? Just look at the thing. It's a Giger-designed nightmare. It's a couple tentacles away from being one of Lovecraft's sanity-shattering ancient gods. It's a logic and evolution-defying horror, and it's nasty enough to make the short list of sharks that will attack humans (33 incidents on record as of last year, but no fatalities... YET). It's too weird to get anything other than a supporting role in Sharknado 3, but that just increases its underground cred as far as I'm concerned. Hails to the Hammerhead.” ~ Eric Musall (Unspeakable Axe Records)
  • “I love shark week and I'd have to say my favorite species is probably the Bull shark since they can move between fresh and salt water environments. I think that makes them pretty tough to beat.” ~ Chris Wolfgang (Gunpowder Gray)
  • “I would have to say the Goblin shark. It is a very bizarre and elusive shark but when photographed can be both intriguing and terrifying at the same time. Of all the species, it is very alien in appearance and therefore earned a place in my memory as the shark that fascinates me most.” ~ Kelly McCoy (Fornicus)
  • “Mako shark!! They personify or ‘sharkify’ what a black-tooth grin would look like.” ~ Joe Gorski (We…Our War, ex-Deteriorate)
  • “I am really fascinated by sharks. My favorite species is the Shortfin Mako shark, because it is the fastest shark around!” ~ JE (Black Space Riders)
  • “I gotta go with the great Hammerhead! A funny looking guy, an oddball. A predator. I can identify with that. I've always loved the Hammerhead sharks, first tattoo was a Hammerhead. When I was a kid I saw one in one of those glass bottom boats, and ever since then I've been fascinated! ~ Dave Coppola (Invertia)
  • “I was a huge shark enthusiast for years when I was a child! I went so far as to collect books on the subject during elementary school. As for my favorite species within the shark family, I think the Hammerhead shark stands out the most. The hammer-like shape of the head made it more identifiable from the others (Tiger, Lemon, Nurse, Great White) and it just plain looked crazy! The fact that it was up to 18' long sure did put some fear of the water into me, and I'm happy to get my shark fix from the couch watching ‘Shark Week’ on Discovery.” ~ Pete Clemens (Yellowtooth)
  • "The Shortfin Mako shark is obviously the top of the food chain with its dolphin-like brain capacity, speed bursts of 60+ mph & large size. End of story, you're dead." ~ Ryan McAlister (Shards of Humanity)
  • "I have been a big fan of sharks since I was a small child. After I first saw the movie ‘Jaws’ I completely fell in love with those animals. I think they are elegant and beautiful creatures. However, to pick a favorite shark species is very hard. But if I had to pick just one, I would say my favorite is the Megamouth shark. I especially like this one because I think it is very strange-looking and mysterious. It amazing that it was not known until 1976 even though it is a huge animal, and it kind of makes you wonder what other animals might live in the depths of our ocean that humanity has not discovered yet." ~ Werner Kniesek (VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC)
  • "I like the basking shark 'cause it just sort of floats around waiting for food to fall into its mouth. Livin' the dream." ~ Hugo (Monsterworks)
  • "Great White, of course! Iif a great white asks you if you like the new album, you say YES!" ~ Marcus (Monsterworks)
  • “Megalodon - probably one of the greatest predators that ever lived. It does not actually exist anymore (well some people might think so; they would be idiots) but it made the Great White look like a pussy since it was over twice the size.” ~ Jon (Monsterworks)
  • "Carcharodon carcharias, the Great White shark is my absolute favorite species of shark. Why? Because it's the world's largest known predatory fish--capable of eating human beings--it's the only known surviving species of the Carcharodon genus--making it an extremely special animal and species that's remained unchanged for some 16-million years--and overall, it's a majestic, beautiful, and massive creature that's inspired both extreme awe, fascination, and primitive fear inside me since childhood. I'd like to add that I penned lyrics to a song called "Blood Gullet" in honor of Great White sharks (this song is on the new Broken Hope album, ‘Omen of Disease’)." ~ Jeremy Wagner (Broken Hope)
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