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Metabolic Dieticians Treating a Wider Variety of Metabolic Disorders

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Registered dieticians are well known in the health care industry for ensuring that patients receive the proper nutrition for optimum health. Metabolic dieticians are emerging in popularity for the purpose of treating patients with phenylketouria and maple syrup urine disease. However, new metabolic diseases are being discovered; therefore, metabolic dieticians are beginning to treat a wider variety of metabolic disorders.

In 2004, Genetic Metabolic Dieticians International (GMDI) had a meeting to discuss the need for education and procedural guidelines for this specialized group of registered dieticians. This meeting spawned the creation of the Standards of Professional Practice for Genetic Metabolic Dieticians, which was developed on April 9, 2005.

Although education for registered dieticians is satisfactory for producing competent students, technology has been surpassing the quality of education needed for specialized practices such as Metabolic Dietetics. Therefore, the Standards of Professional Practice for Genetic Metabolic Dieticians defines Metabolic Dietetics and develops procedures for this specialized field of nutrition.