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Meta analysis confirms physical activity reduces breast cancer risk in all women

Science Daily’s March 20, 2014 article, Regular physical activity reduces breast cancer risks irrespective of age, summarizes research findings linking consistent, intense physical activity to preventing breast cancer. The results of a meta-analysis (or review and compilation) of 37 published research studies from 1987 through 2013 were presented during the 9th European Breast Cancer Conference.

The greatest benefit was shown for women who did the highest levels of activity (or this author's definition of intense) - more than one hour per day - and applied to women of any age, weight or geographical location. There were exceptions for women who were on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) drugs and those who did the lowest levels of physical activity.

Even though there has been enough published research to link the reduction of breast cancer with regular physical activity, there has still been some resistance to reaching closure. This meta-analysis should confirm that there is enough research to conclude that preventing breast cancer can be added to the many benefits of intense physical activity.

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