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Messages of love and hope

Messages of love and hope
Messages of love and hope
Photo courtesy of EJH Gallery, used with permission.

There is extraordinary power in trusting the messages received from Spirit. These messages of love and hope are delivered simply in all manner and form, if one is attuned to noticing the communications. Sometimes, these sacred messages of comfort and guidance seem to be the eleventh hour miracle, when all hope appears to be gone or time is against; the natural laws are swept aside in a gentle reminder that “the Lord is God.”

Quieting the noise. The first step in learning any lesson is to understand the end goal. Visualize the picture (adjust, grow, listen, shift), so there is purposeful engagement and movement in the desired direction. In the book, Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag, the explorative journey of hopes and dreams to claim truth considers questions, such as:

  • What do I long for?
  • What about life hooks my imagination?
  • What does that feel like?
  • What would fearlessness feel like?

Leaving the comfortable for the unknown. Changes can be made with gracefulness. Choice constructs a life and creates its destiny, and there are two methods to consider:

  • The first way is learning by mental conception, and it is dependent sense experience and the power of inferential education. Its success has dependency on a person’s degree of development and power of reasoning.
  • The second way has been referred to as “concentration-born intuition,” and it is knowledge through intuition … truth directly received from within about the earth, universe, and humanity and one’s soul. Its success is based on solid knowledge of spiritual principal gained through direct experience that is applied daily in life as a living practice.

Wise and Simple. What seems to be new; it is really old hidden truths of the soul and of Spirit. The remembering gifts proper core stability. There is a balanced engagement needed between levels of strength, as based upon the level of work. Its process requires mastery of the individual elements into a state of combined coordination, where intuition is taught through walking and sitting straight, the action of spiritual service, and the God-filled joyfulness only found through meditation.

“Education is developing intuition and bringing the hidden memory of all knowledge – already existing in the soul – back to the plane of human consciousness.”

Digging deeper - An example that reflects the lesson learned of “everything is okay and to honor the child-like innocence” is shared in the following true story:

“A three-year-old child had been crying for most of a car ride. The parents wished for something that would make the hurt go away, a way of soothing their child. Nothing would work, not a radio turned on, juice, an older brother’s calming voice. Out of complete desperation, the parents grabbed hands and prayed: ‘Please God, give this child some peace.’ From the backseat of the car, there was heard a giggle. The distraught child was now staring out the car window laughing, his whole face lit up. Over and again, the child signed to his parents the colors of what was being seen. He signed, white, for the angelic beings, which were bringing him comfort.”

When energy flows freely, there is optimal health, along with an openness to receive the messages (energetic signals) from the environment. Calmness, loving ways and peacefulness lead to the ability to control voluntary movements: Finding neutral – a place that is intentional, rhythmic and relaxed. The key element to gaining understanding is to stay focused and proceed through each day with quiet confidence and humility; always remembering: “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” (-Matthew 6:27)

Instead of worry; the wiser suggestion is to condense experiences and the wisdom gained through spiritual concentration; thereby not wasting precious time. The attainment of spiritual maturity does not require a waiting period – until after one reaches adulthood. The simple process of undoing can be taken on at any phase in a lifetime. The transformation is expanding, a spiritually mature soul, who is having a physical human experience, begins to see the ways to positively assist the mass karma as well.

Language of the heart. When Love, as the creative power of the universe, becomes the Divine life cultivated within a heart; and then flows outward in an ever expanding circle that includes the absolute knowledge of its oneness, a life-stream is blessed with sacredness reflected as joy, peace and freedom:

“If you accept the Holy Spirit’s purpose for the world, it will in time become a happy place where the Truth of Heaven is reflected, and Love and forgiveness are extended to all. The beauty of Truth will shine forth, the Light will shine in every living thing, and you will see everyone as brother to you.” (- From the Christ Mind)

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