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Messages from the Universe on Healing and John of God

Over fifteen years ago, I received messages from the Universe regarding healing. It should be no surprise that when we ignore Spirit’s call, cosmic nudges lead us back. We all know that when these guiding posts from Spirit are ignored too long, the Universe sends bricks. Apparently it’s my turn to listen and welcome a course correction.

When the winds of change blow, set sail and soar.

A New Year, a New Journey

In an earlier post, “What is my purpose in life? Are you asking Spirit?” I share how we can use the Lifesign Process, to seek our soul’s purpose. I also hinted that I have been questioning my own life purpose. Last year, Spirit had been directing me away from work I believed was related to my mission in life. This guidance came through cosmic nudges.

We all know that when Spirit’s whispers or nudges go unheard or not acted upon, the Universe sends cosmic bricks to get our attention. Like everyone, I have had my share of learning experiences from those bricks in life. I’ve recently committed to exploring a new direction in 2014 and will share it with you.

In 1998, I attended the Edgar Cayce Legacy Conference where I bought Carol Ann Liaros’ book (one of the instructors). She endorsed it with, “Alex, Go for healing! You are good!” During this conference, one day is devoted to energy and healing. This was my first experience feeling energy. We teamed up to “work” on a partner and experiment with healing exercises. After I “worked” on my partner, by placing my hands on her shoulders and pretending I channeled the Universe’s energy, my partner stared at me. She kept saying that her mouth was “tingling” and warm where she needed dental surgery. “It must be healing!” She repeated over and over.

When I left that conference, I didn’t think too much about the healing part of it, except I wasn’t home but a month, when my partner came downstairs after putting our 3-1/2 year old son to bed. She said, “He wants to see you.”

I went to his room. He was in bed, awake, waiting for me. “What’s up?” I asked.

“Put your hands here.” He whispered. He took my hand and placed it on his knee. “It hurts, Mom.”

This was the first time he had ever asked anything like this. At that moment, I knew something was going on that I didn’t understand. I took this as a message that I could use healing to help loved ones. I was at a crossroad during this period. It was then that I committed to writing books, and never explored healing.

Messages from the Universe on Healing

Last year, it hit me that I had two unfinished manuscripts for two novels. Normally, I write until the book is finished, yet over the past few years the Universe has been directing me away from writing through cosmic nudges. I began to wonder, ‘Am I on purpose?’ This is one of the reasons I decided last August to attend a meditation retreat, with the sole intention of understanding my soul’s purpose.

The following are observations from that meditation retreat:

  • During my first meditation, I heard, “Ask (the leader of the retreat) about the entities.” I thought that was a bit odd, and ignored the Spirit mandate (until the last day).
  • During the second meditation, I saw an equilateral triangle with light streaming from it.
  • In another meditation, I had a terrible pain in my abdomen, one that I had never felt before. Instinctively, I placed my hand on the area of the pain, and the pain immediately disappeared.
  • While in an automatic writing exercise, channeling higher thought, I was reminded that I ignored exploring healing many years ago, and it was time to rethink this.

John of God

During this three day meditation retreat, I shared a room with a stranger. This woman had gone to Brazil to see John of God a couple years earlier. I had heard about the Brazilian healer before, so I was curious and listened to her sharing with interest. My roommate said at one point, “I’m not sure why, but I feel you should go see him (John of God).”

On the last evening of the retreat, the leader shared that he travels to Brazil to see John of God once or twice a year with Sacred Light Tours (tour group). He talked about his experiences from his visits. It was during this session that I learned John of God, channels Entities to heal and that the triangle is the symbol of Casa, where John of God heals in Brazil. Additionally, the triangle with light streaming through is the Sacred Light Tours symbol.

Putting my meditations together, I wondered, ‘Is the Universe suggesting I go to Brazil?’ I remembered the insight from my first meditation that weekend. It suggested I ask the retreat leader about the entities. I did the following morning, and he responded with, “Well, let me ask, are you thinking of joining us on the next John of God pilgrimage in the spring?”

I smiled, and said, “It seems a bit extravagant …having a son in college.”

He said, “Those who commit to it, find a way, and the finances seem to work themselves out.”

Oddly enough, after returning home, I had a couple quick windfalls, including selling the Korean translation rights to Lifesigns, my synchronicity book. I soon realized I had come up with the cost of the trip.

2014 Course Correction

I’ve committed 2014 to honoring the signs. I will explore healing and John of God. I will be journeying to Brazil in April.

Why am I going? It’s clear to me that Spirit wants me to go.

Why? I’m not sure, though I trust it’ll all unfold perfectly.

I’ll write more about John of God in upcoming posts.

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