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Message to Obama: We are not satisfied

If President Obama cannot satisfy us...who can?
If President Obama cannot satisfy us...who can?

The world community plunged into a euphoric state of celebration in 2008 when Senator Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. People of all races and ethnic backgrounds were overjoyed at the election results, and were convinced that our nation was now finally moving in the right direction.

Now the 2012 elections are upon us, and it seems that many of these same Americans who were elated over the historic election of 2008 are now deeply disappointed, believing that they made the wrong choice when they voted, and vowing not to make the same mistake in 2012.

Issues stemming from the economy and health care to the handling of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq - and now Libya, people are starting to feel that they have been “duped” into believing that President Obama represented true change for our nation, ridding us of the customs and practices of past administrations that have not only kept us divided, but that have also hindered our ability to lead the rest of the free world in the establishment of a global democracy.

The dissatisfaction that is being expressed in regards to the job that President Obama is doing is nothing new. As Americans (and as human beings), it seems that we are never satisfied with anything. We continually strive to reach new heights, break records, and do better than the individuals and groups that came before us.

We construct homes and office buildings – but the next one has to be bigger or taller. We build planes, trains and automobiles – but the next one has to be bigger or faster. We have athletic teams and coaches that work tirelessly to win national or world championships – but their victories are short lived as we chant “repeat” and begin making plans for next season almost immediately after the contest.

When it comes to presidents, Ronald Regan was considered one of the greatest leaders of our time. However, after we make a close, detailed examination of his time in office, we discover that we were not completely satisfied with the job he did.

The problems and issues faced by us today as Americans go all the way back to the founding of our nation. If we are not satisfied with the job that President Obama has done, it is because we are not satisfied with ourselves as Americans.

President Obama can only be as good as we are, and if we as Americans have yet to find the remedies to resolve age-old issues that stem all the way back to the founding of our nation, then it is not President Obama we need to look at – we need to look at ourselves.

What we need to understand is that until we as Americans make the commitment to genuinely reduce and eliminate our deep divisions all political, ethical and racial lines, and work together to solve our common problems, we will never be satisfied with not only our current president; we will never be satisfied with any president.

The challenges we face today in our nation are bigger than President Obama – and from the looks of things in our present-day world, the challenges we face may be bigger than us.


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