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Mess with your soul like ETHER!

4/15 at The Middle East Nightclub
4/15 at The Middle East Nightclub

I was introduced via an email to an artist named Phil Beaudreau and it said why he is on track to be the next big deal. I took the email and put a star beside it as I figured I would do some further intel later and form my opinion. I started to go to the usual locales like Google and Youtube and saw there was definitely a presence there. I listened to "Wont Get Away" produced by the Hip Hop monster Dawaun Parker and was definitely impressed! Its a feel good, easy listening, melodic, almost trance kind of sound. It definitely made me dig a bit deeper to listen to "Anyway" and that was a more low key tempo but still forced you in like a zombie with headphones. That is not an easy thing to do by any means and especially with todays' popcorn, disposable music.

So I sent a few emails and tracked down this future phenom and wanted to hear first hand what he is all about. I wanted to know what did he hope to accomplish in the world of music and what made him someone the world should pay attention to?

I found out he is in the middle of rehearsing for an upcoming show at The Middle East in Cambridge on April 15th and going hard promoting his recently released debut album "Ether."

Below is our conversation. I hope you all learn a bit about Phil.

How was your experience at Berklee as a whole?

I’m very grateful for my experience at Berklee. I learned that the world could get bigger and, from my point of view, better. Berklee never asked me to commit to one thing, so there was a ton of space for creativity. Very appealing to me, and I took full advantage of it. I also met some incredible people there who I still know and love today.

What did you hope to get out of the experience?

I hoped to get to the next level, whatever it was, and that school was full of chutes and ladders… everywhere. It was chaotic.

How did you come into the gracing of the awesomely talented and 3x Grammy Award winning Dawaun Parker?

Dawaun and I met at Berklee when we were both attending, but only spoke maybe 2 or 3 times. We ended up linking up in Los Angeles where we collaborated on some music… which turned into more music, which turned into me signing to his imprint, which lead to us forming a company. Sometimes I’m surprised it took us this long to meet. We were even born in the same hospital in Providence, RI… Cool how things work out. Hashtag AoE.

I heard there was a cosigning or endorsement from the great Doctor himself, is that heresay?

I don’t know about endorsement, but certainly interest. I met Dr. Dre through Dawaun who had been working with him for years. There was a pretty big boost in confidence for me when I knew that Dre dug some of my music.

ETHER is such a strong title. When Hip Hop fans think of that, one thought comes to mind Nas’s scorching response to Jay-Z. Was that a conscious connection you made and wanted the fans to make when you chose that name?

It was just a word that kept finding it’s way back to me. On one hand, I felt the stuff I was making was “ethereal.” My head is gassy and frenetic and weird, so “Ether” summed it up for me pretty well. I knew about the Nas track, but Dawaun had to explain to me what it means to “ether” someone, which I thought was great. My album does that, why not. --- There are more ways “ether” is significant to this project, but those are the big ones, and honestly I’m intrigued with how people interpret it.

Who are your top musical influences in any genre you choose?

Biggest influences for me…
For the art: Bjork, Miles Davis.
For the music: Duke Ellington, Janelle Monet.
For the pop sense: Coldplay, Louie Armstrong.

What is the most meaningful song on the album or the song that makes you feel the best whenever you hear it?

“Can’t Go Back,” was the first song I finished, and it became kind of a mantra that helped me see the album through. Every song means something deeply, but this song in particular has been a comfort to me.

What do you hope music lovers take away from Ether when they experience it?

That there are still music lovers making music.

Be sure to check out Phil Beaudreau and Dawaun Parker at The Middle East Nightclub

WHEN: April 15th 2014
WHERE: Middle East
372 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
AGES: All Ages Event


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