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Mesmeric to cameo in Vampire Guardian Angels issue 4

I’ve been covering the comic debut from Lia Scott Price since the first issue, and if you have, you know about the cameo appearances by metal bands in the series.

Issue 4 has another metal band making it’s comic cameo debut, Mesmeric, a California based metal band with a refreshingly original sound.

Recently I had an opportunity to ask these guys some questions, so we can all get to know the band a little better before we see them in the upcoming issue of the Vampire Guardian Angel series.

-How did the band get together?

“It was during a school day on a Wednesday afternoon, I (E-man) wasn’t supposed to be there but I went to check out a band that was performing at the CSUF stage (where Rage played at the beginning of their music career). And that’s when I saw and approached Churro (guitarist); I immediately stereotyped him with his long curly hair and asked him if he played an instrument and if he’d like to jam sometime. In my head I wanted to form a band but I didn’t want to tell him upfront, or else it would be like asking a girl who I didn’t know if she wanted to be my girlfriend. So weeks pass by and I stumble upon his number again so I call him up to see if he was serious about this and here we are now. You can call it luck/fate/coincidence, but fuck that for me it was trial and error for the longest time but now that I look at it I guess it’s a little bit of everything.” E-man

-How long has the band been together?

“Almost a year, but I’d say the real birth of the band was during its first performance. It took place at The Airliner on January 10th, 2013; at that point we had been together as a full band for about 3 months.” E-man

-What keeps the band pushing forward?

“It’s the abundance of riffs and ideas that I just want to push forward for others to listen to, along with my need to get shit done. I feel like time and the inability to predict the future has filled me up with pressure, because you never know, I can end up dead one day along with what could have been new potential songs.” - E-man

-Where can fans pick up your music?

“My house haha, but seriously, our music is available through and of course at our shows! Once our debut album hits, that’ll be available for purchase online so we can hopefully get some revenue and fund more band related stuff, I mean that would be cool, but in the meantime we have 2 demo tracks that are free for grabs.”


-Do you have any shows coming up that you would like promoted?

“As of now the only show we have coming up is on September 19th at the RiT Gallery with Rock N’ Roll Suicides and Toasted, but any future show info can be found on ( fb page.”

-You have to throw me a crazy show story, memorable fan interaction?

“I think I’ve seen a few titties mounted on the stage floor, mostly guys though (oh what?). But on the day of our first Whisky show, I was walking toward the venue when a random guy asked me about my guitar, so I told him we were performing that night. He felt bad he couldn’t attend so he gave me $5 for the support. It almost felt like a trap I mean it was hard enough to persuade a few friends to go haha, so I thought that it was a very noble gesture.”(Very fucking cool of him!)


“I would have to say the most memorable moment so far for me would have to be our very first show as a band. To explain why this is I have to go back to the very first time I heard E-man and Churro practicing, long before I joined the band. To make a long story short, I walked into a friend’s garage and heard them practicing the song “Emerge” (an early version of it)…I immediately fell in love with it, although I was afraid to admit it at first, in fact I liked it so much that I invited these guys to practice in my garage just so I could hear it again haha. Now, getting back to the point and skipping forward a couple of years, I join and we have a complete lineup, now it’s time to see if this band and material had as much potential as I originally thought. As far as first shows go, which usually tend to be a bit rocky, this one went pretty damn well, the crowd seemed to really like it and a few people even came up to us after to ask about the band since they had never heard of us before, We left that day feeling as though we had really accomplished something, we hit a mile stone, we made and met new fans and I left knowing that maybe what I felt was correct.”


-Metal is really making a comeback all over the world, especially in the US, are you guys excited about the future of the band and the industry as a whole?

“Then I guess we’re on the right track, I’m sure metal is regaining some light once again. I mean now we’re hearing disco tunes on the radio that are being modernized so I’m sure the guitar phase such as in metal/rock/punk/ska is up next, if anything, with a bit of a twist. I am however optimistic about the band and material that we’re bringing forth. It’s metal for the most part, but we’re also trying to bring something fresh and new to the table, something that is different than what’s traditionally been offered by former “metallers”. We’re bringing a mix of genres, almost like sampling in a way, which you can really hear in our newer songs. Our target audience are metal enthusiast but with a secondary demographic of music lovers in general. Obviously, when people try to stir the pot and venture off in a different direction, expand or innovate, positive and negative reactions are expected, and that’s something that we expect. We make whatever sounds cool but we still holding metal as our foundation. Either way music should have no genre restrictions since it is a form of expression, but unfortunately it’s a different story when it’s commercialized, and it’s understandable once money is on the line.” E-man

-As a horror examiner, I have to ask, are you horror film fans? And if so, what is your all-time favorite horror film or film franchise?

“Hell yeah horror is my all-time favorite genre. The Shining scared the crap out of me as a kid, so much so that I tried not to close my eyes when I showered. There was a room 237 in the apartments where I lived that I was very cautious about, I would peak in whenever I had the chance, it always seemed abandoned too. “IT” had me putting rags on top of the drain hole and getting out of the shower with shampoo still on my hair. “Army of Darkness” I know isn’t so much of a horror flick but it’s still entertaining as hell. Poltergeist freaked me out too but I think it was the chunky lady who did it for me. Chucky made me have recurring dream of the doll chasing me with his giant blade while I sat on top of someone’s shoulders. 28 days later was a good one too, for the most part I really liked its epic soundtrack.” E-man

“It’s pretty safe to say that everyone in the band is a fan of the horror genre haha, of course each with varying tastes, I myself absolutely love it. If I attempted to sit here and write all my favorites I would easily be here all day so I’ll narrow it down to a specific few I am really fond of for various reasons such as The Thing, The [Rec] series, The Nightmare On Elm Street Series, 28 Days/Weeks Later, and The Exorcist (mainly for nostalgic value).”-Jorge

.-How did you get involved in the Vampire Guardian Angel Comic series?

“Lia, being the awesome and extremely supportive friend that she is, asked us if we would be interested in making cameo appearance in the next issue. Of course we all said “hell yeah!” and agreed haha, It’s not often that a fairly new band gets the opportunity to work with such a respected and talented author like her, seriously…Lia, if you’re reading this, from the bottom of our cold black hearts…THANK YOU!, you’re amazing.”


-Have you guys been keeping up with the Vampire Guardian Angel Series?

“I have been keeping up with the series since the first issue where my other band Enthraller also made a cameo appearance. As an avid comic book reader and fan overall I have to say the series as a whole is very enjoyable and unique. If you’re a fan of vampires (the real ones not the wimpy Twilight kind) and comic books in general I would definitely recommend it to you!” -Jorge

“I’ve read the first issue and it’s an interesting concept for sure, especially combining 2 different species of genres and with a lot of bloodshed! Something only a dark mind with an innocent soul can come up with.” - E-man

-Have you been told anything about the bands involvement as characters?

“Our involvement as characters will be fairly minor, most likely a quick cameo appearance much like my other band Enthraller and our good friends in Death Embraced made in previous issues. All in all it’s an honor having our ugly mugs be featured in something like this haha, We’re really looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.”

-What website/websites do you want your fans to be connected to?

“The main place where people can follow us, see what we’re up to, tell us we’re lame and stay up to date with all Mesmeric news is our Facebook page:”

People can also head over to our Youtube page where we upload both studios tracks and live footage (more of that coming very soon)

And of course we have our Soundcloud page where our demo is available FOR FREE

So if you’re going to be in the area on the 19th, get over to RiT Gallery and check these guys out! You will not be disappointed.

Watch my page for updates on the comic and a release date for issue 4.

I want to thank the guys of Mesmeric for taking the time to do this interview, as well as Lia Scott Price for putting us in touch with each other. Great guys, great music, and soon to be characters in a great comic series.

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