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Mesa redistricting commission wants you

The 2010 census data, once evaluated, will show the geographic changes of Mesa residents in the six districts throughout the city. Because of population shifts, city districts will have to be re-drawn to fairly represent all citizens.

The city will assemble the Commission due to a charter requirement that instructs the city to revise districts based on information collected after every decennial census. “The charter calls for the City Council to appoint a five-member, non-partisan commission that establishes those boundaries.” As a resident of Mesa, you could be part of the committee; the city of Mesa is requesting that citizens apply to take part in the Redistricting Committee.

If you have an opinion, and want to be part of the Mesa redistricting decision process, you can apply at For any questions you may have about the committee, contact the mayor's chief of staff, Kathy MacDonald, at


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