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Mesa Arizona pilot demonstrates his love of airplanes and cars by cleaning them

Aircraft and Auto detailing
Aircraft and Auto detailing
by Craig Smith

My mother tells the story of my young school years when my teachers would call her to complain of my continuing obsession with drawing airplanes and cars during class time. From my first memories as a child I was drawn to airplanes and cars, with a consistent need to be around them. I would draw airplane controls on the inside of boxes and spend hours inside, visualizing me at the controls flying across the world. I had a habit of sneaking out into our driveway and would climb into our unlocked car grabbing the steering wheel and see myself driving around at 150 mph on a race track with a grandstand of spectators cheering me on to victory.

It is no wonder I became a pilot and flight instructor during my college years. As with all the automobiles I have owned over the years the same has been true for my airplanes with my obsession keeping them clean inside and out. Spending hours cleaning and polishing my first car which was an old Chevy Impala, to the hours spent cleaning my first airplane, a Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

My last two planes I have owned happened to be a stark contrast in age, one being a 2009 Aerotrek A240 LSA and a 1973 Cessna 150L. Regardless of the age difference my meticulous obsession with keeping them clean gained me much notoriety at the airport they were based at. I was known for having the cleanest airplanes and cars around. Many times I would be in the hangar cleaning and polishing and friends would stop by telling me, hey you are going to wear the paint off that plane.

It seemed like a perfect match to pair my aircraft and car cleaning obsession into an aircraft and auto cleaning business. My whole life I have loved spending time with airplanes and cars either flying or driving them and then keeping them clean. If you got an airplane or car and want it cleaned in the Phoenix area, call Angel Aircraft And Auto Detailing Service at 480 540-5692 we are a mobile service and come to you. We offer the greatest detailing jobs at the lowest rates anywhere. Always fly and drive safe and keep them clean.

Craig Smith


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