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Mesa Air dba Go! Airlines dissolves Hawaii service leaving travelers scrambling

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Healthy competition in any industry aids in keeping consumer costs competitive. Hawaiian Airlines has lost its only in-market competitor.

According to a March 17, report by Dallas News, "Mesa Air Group announced Monday night, that it will end operations of its Hawaiian low-fare carrier Go!, effective April 1, 2014."

Mesa's CEO Jonathan Ornstein stated that the company plans to focus on its mainland operations.

All consumers ​holding tickets on Go!, dated between April 1, - June 30, 2014, will be re-routed to Hawaiian Airlines flights at ​a​​ ​discounted rate, if there is space available? ​ ​

Otherwise the consumers will need to purchase new tickets elsewhere, with only a two-week notice. Go! will offer ​a refund​​ upon customer request.

Go! entered the Hawaii, market in 2006, with $1.00 fares, offering limited flight service within the state. In 2007, Go! quickly lost its credibility and faced Hawaiian Airlines in court, for unethical practices.

​​​​​​​​Go! used confidential information provided by Hawaiian ​Airlines, under​​ ​the ​guise ​of a possible investment ​deal ​​with​ Mesa​ Air. ​​​

Mesa then used ​​that information ​against Hawaiian ​to compete​​ against ​​it, by adding mainland flight service to and from Hawaii.​​​​ ​

Hawaiian Airlines was awarded $9 million in the lawsuit.​​ Hawaiian ​later accepted ​$52.5 million​ in​ the settlement.

According to court documents, "Mesa effectively ​​​attempted to conceal its misbehavior by document destruction and false statements, made under oath,” the judge wrote in his decision.