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Meryl Davis’ Olympic gold costume; Midriff jewels gives princess look (photos)

Meryl Davis’ Olympic gold costume on the ice at the 2014 Sochi Olympics
Meryl Davis’ Olympic gold costume on the ice at the 2014 Sochi Olympics
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Meryl Davis and Charlie White took home the Olympic gold on Monday with an amazing performance in the Olympic ice dance competition. The American athletes offered a free skate performance that will be talked about for years to come. Something else that will be discussed is Meryl Davis’ costume. Frankly Jasmine from Aladdin might be seriously jealous at the Olympic princess look. According to USA Today on Monday the athlete along with Charlie White, got the first Olympic medal in ice dance in USA Olympic history.

When the costume spun around as the athlete moved, the jewels from design shined from the lights. Meryl Davis seemed to have enough midriff sparkle that every angle offered a twinkle. This gave fans a chance to the movement easier in some ways and in other ways it was slightly distracting. Most likely placed by hand, the idea behind haven’t the midriff covered was brilliant and it offered an extra element when the skater was lifted in the program. The jewels around Davis’ neck were also sparkling for the fans to admire. In the close up shots seen on television, there was plenty of reflection coming from the stones used there as well.

Most costumes used in figure skating are one-piece outfit with elaborate jewels. Costumes like Meryl Davis could be extraordinarily heavy as each stone (or plastic piece) does add weight. With as many pieces on Meryl’s costume it could not have been less than a couple of pounds and while the extra weight might have been difficult, it sure was worth it from a visual standpoint.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Meryl Davis’ costume. Doesn't she look beautiful?