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2014 Winter Olympics

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Meryl Davis, Charlie White dating? Olympic ice dance couple looks in love

Meryl Davis and Charlie White dating off the ice? Olympic viewers want to know
Meryl Davis and Charlie White dating off the ice? Olympic viewers want to know
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

When Olympians Meryl Davis and Charlie White hit the ice on Sunday in Sochi the hearts of America melted. The ice couple looked infatuated with each other as they ice danced their way into first place of the ice dance free skate portion of the program. The Olympic team figure skating competition was a taste of what the couple has to offer the Winter Games and American fans have many questions about the couple. According to ABC News on Sunday the couple are both students at the University of Michigan and spend long hours together on the ice for the perfect program.

So are Meryl Davis and Charlie White dating off the ice? It’s a burning question that everyone in America is asking after seeing their first performance. They look so in love as they move across the ice flawlessly. In fact they seem inseparable on every level. Disappointingly, the couple are only performing.

In real life the two athletes aren't dating and off the ice they lead different lives. This question if Charlie White and Meryl Davis is dating might be a big compliment to the pair. On the ice they have to act like they are a couple in love so to translate that emotion helps their program, but it also confuses the fans as they have different private lives.

Charlie White told that the question was awkward to answer and fans to ask often. Of course the two athletes have to have a strong bond and are good friends. Yet, when it comes to dating it’s only part of the act on the ice.

Disappointed? Don't be! It's great to see Team USA athletes will portray the perfect characters on the ice to be their best. Go Team USA!

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