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Meryl Davis and Charlie White win first U.S. gold medal in Olympic ice dancing

According to CBS on Feb. 17, Meryl Davis and Charlie White won the ice dance gold medal Monday, the first Olympic title in the event for the United States.

Davis and White teamed up in 1997, and they are currently the longest lasting dance team in the United States. They are the first American ice dancers to win the world title, as well as the first Americans to win the Olympic ice dancing gold medal; in addition, their Olympic performance scored the highest point total ever recorded in ice dancing.

Davis 27, and White, 26, scored 116.63 points in the free dance to finish with 195.52. Their score was 4.53 ahead of Virtue and Moir, the pair they needed to beat. It is interesting that Davis and White share the same coach with Virtue and Moir. Davis and White earned a silver medal at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver when they lost the gold to Virtue and Moir. In Sochi on Monday night, the pair won out over the Canadians by turning in a performance that earned them a world record score, the first for the United States.

Davis and White skated in a flawless performance. Their feet were in nonstop motion in every movement in the intricately choreographed dance. Their movements and expressions excellent during their routine. When the music from "Sheherazade" stopped, the pair knew they had done their best.

On the biggest day of their career after 17 years, White said, "That in itself justified 17 years of hard work."

At the 2014 Winter Olympics, Davis and White also won a bronze medal in the team event. They now have one medal of each color.

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