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Meryl Davis and Charlie White dating? Olympians on ‘Dancing With the Stars'

Meryl Davis and Charlie White are contestants on Dancing With the Stars
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

Meryl Davis and Charlie White definitely were surprise contestants on Dancing With the Stars. Tuesday’s big announcement on Good Morning America had everyone in awe that the Olympic ice dance couple would be in the ballroom. The gold medal winners in the Sochi Olympics were quite a pair and definitely belong on a show where America can watch them every week as they perform. According to USA Today on Tuesday, the pair will not be dancing together, but actually with professional partners. Sparring off against each over sounds hard for a friendship that has blossomed over the years.

Are Meryl Davis and Charlie White dating? It’s a burning question that everyone in America is asking. After seeing the first Olympic gold medal in ice dancing for the USA, the pair have become celebrities. They looked so in love as they move across the ice flawlessly. In fact, they seem inseparable on every level. Disappointingly, the couple are only performing.

According to People magazine, it is definitely part of the act when performing. On the ice they have to act like they are a couple in love. Translating that emotion helps their program, but it also confuses the fans as they have different private lives. Good friends and nice people, individually the two have separate lives and the competition on Dancing With the Stars might be a perfect way to show the world how different they are when it comes to the ballroom. Charlie White told that the question was awkward to answer and fans to ask often. Of course the two athletes have to have a strong bond and are good friends.

Competing against each other on Dancing With the Stars might be one of the best battles America gets to see in the ballroom. Meryl Davis and Charlie White are gold medalists and both know what it takes to compete and win. Drew Carey and the rest of the cast had better be ready as the ballroom just became very serious.

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