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Merry Christmas

It is a wonderful time of the year, and regardless of what your religious convictions may be, the sentiment is universal: peace, and good will to all.

We are all in the transport business, one way or another, from Nassau County to St. Johns County; from Duval County to Clay County and beyond.

If you are a locomotive engineer, especially Amtrak, you may be working tonight or tomorrow – or both. Many freight folk catch a break.

Not dispatchers. They toil 24/7 at their computers.

Pilots, when in airplanes or ships, may be away from loved ones for several hours or days.

Most managers in all modes are at home with their families.

I shall turn off my computer in a few minutes, but I’ll return on Monday. In one week, we’ll all be saying hello to 2011.

Here’s to you, kiddo.



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