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Mermaids--last year's fascination revisited

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I took a lot of ribbing for my interest and belief in the existence of mermaids, based on the raw footage and Animal Planet presentations released in 2013. It was a gullible Neptunian year for me—I proved that to myself in some astronomically costly ways—but upon revisiting videos like this one, I still find the mermaid evidence compelling. This video is about the “real mermaid” P.T. Barnum bought, embalmed in formaldehyde, and tells the story of what was going to be the first “Woodstock” of its day, where all the heavy-hitting wonder-of-the-world acts were going to play right after the Civil War ended. It shows lots of pictures of the main attraction, this human-like mermaid.

It’s the nature of different creations to come out at different relevant times, like new stones or planets getting discovered; new technologies; new species…so it’s not impossible for mermaids to suddenly surface in the public consciousness. According to mermaids scratched on cave walls, they've been appearing continuously in culture after culture, they’ve been surfacing for a long time.

THEN, I did a little research on the net to discover that a one Charley Foley had made up the whole thing, spurred by the success of a previous Animal Planet show he did about dragons.

THEN, I went and actually read the interview from which writers extrapolated that Charley Foley made the whole thing up. Foley said nothing of the kind, when you read his words. He said he was presenting real footage that was nothing less than extraordinary.

Make sure you read the whole interview down to the end. I believe that people simply can’t hear and accept what Charley Foley is saying, just like Native Americans on an island shore, supposedly could not at first see what was making such big waves, because they’d never seen anything like a big Spanish ship. Modern-day experiments show that if you direct an audience watching a video in a certain way, none of them notice a person in a white gorilla suit walking through the crowd.

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