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Merle Hay Mall Kid's Club - sign up today, it's free

Sign-up today!
Sign-up today!

Merle Hay Mall is becoming a force to be reckoned with. In a city that boasts a mall on each side of town, Merle Hay Mall is working hard to standout among the crowd - adding new stores, restaurants, and kid-friendly events to their ever expanding agenda. 

As a parent of young kids, there is an ever increasing desire to find events that are tailored to the age and interests of my kids. Fortunately, Merle Hay Mall has been working hard to create such events. 

At Merle Hay Mall, children ages 2-8 have the opportunity to join the Merle Hay Mall Kid's Club. Membership into the club includes a monthly newsletter, a free t-shirt, and a membership card that includes year-round discounts at the mall.

As stated below, all kids must pledge their loyalty to the following:

As a member of Merle Hay Mall’s Kid’s Club, I promise to:
• Clean my room and go to bed on time.
• Eat my fruits and veggies.
• Be nice to other kids and animals.
• Keep the environment clean.
• Play gently in the Merle Hay Mall Play Area.
• Treat books kindly while reading all I can.

You can register your kids online here, or at the Customer Service Desk (located in the Target Wing)
Don't let this fun opportunity pass your family by. Sing up your kids (online) today!
Additional Info on Merle Hay Mall Children's Stores: The Children's Place; Kid's Foot Locker; Old Navy; and Justice.


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