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Merkel and Germany: The weakest link

People may have wondered why the CIA and U.S. government decided to target Angela Merkel and the German government. It is because the U.S. likely fears that the relationship between them is too tight and too dependent. Having the German economy too dependent on Russia for energy is dangerous for the EU. Merkel hasn’t been on board with U.S. foreign policy since the Iraq invasion. Now, history may eventually redeem the merit of aggressive U.S. preemptive strategy. Witness the rise of ISIS and jihad. Witness the continuing threat from a nuclear arming Iran. Witness the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia and Russian foreign policy to recapture lost territory.

Too cozy
Alexander Nemenov, AFP / Getty Images

No, a cozy relationship between Merkel and Putin isn’t a good thing, any more than a falling out between Merkel and Obama.

News is that Merkel and Putin agree on an international probe of the Malaysian airliner shootdown. Of course Putin agrees. Why?

  • The site has been cleared of critical evidence: launcher moved back to Russia; missile parts removed, and who knows what other tampering of evidence
  • Russians have already falsely pinned the problem on the Ukraines themselves

The horse is already out of the barn. Read your own history lesson Angela, the Russians once occupied your country. Of course, Germany occupied Europe. That was only a short generation ago. Are relapses possible?

Consider the EU leadership:

  • UK Prime Minister David Cameron
  • France President, François Hollande
  • German President, Angela Merkel
  • Spain Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy
  • Italy President, Giorgio Napolitano

NATO member nations include many more. Perhaps it is time to look to some of them to fill the leadership and security vacuum as it were.

Many of the former Soviet States that are now Eastern European free nations may have disdain for Russian and its current actions: Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

It is time to rack and stack the U.S. foreign policy.

“Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash: Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin agree on international probe of MH17 crash

By AFP | 19 Jul, 2014, 06.52PM IST”

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