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Merit pay and the new budget

House Bill 153 outlines new provisions for paying Ohio's teachers.
House Bill 153 outlines new provisions for paying Ohio's teachers.
Alexander Smith/Wikipedia Commons

Ohio's new state budget includes provisions for establishing a merit pay system for Ohio’s schools. The State Board of Education is now required to create a framework for teacher evaluation by December 31, 2011 and all school districts are required to adopt a standards-based evaluation policy aligned with the Board’s framework by July 1, 2013.

The framework must base 50% of the teacher’s evaluation on student academic growth (measured by either the state test or an alternative school-administered assessment). The remaining 50% of the evaluation will be satisfied by at least two 30-minute annual classroom observations. Evaluated teachers will be placed into one of four categories: accomplished, proficient, developing, or ineffective. Presumably, salaries and remediation will correlate to the different categories.

Governor Kasich has offered Ohio’s teachers a role in the development of observation criteria. While deeming quality of instruction, communication, professionalism, and parental satisfaction important components, he is seeking input on additional ways to connect teachers’ in-class performance to their take-home pay.