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Meridian metal scene will miss Karin Comes Killing.

Shot of the band performing their last show as Karin Comes Killing.
Shot of the band performing their last show as Karin Comes Killing.

Supporting your local serial killer is easy when you listen to Karin Comes Killing. Boise locals who were brought together by fate and some help from our local serial killer. "Karin". Tearing it up in Boise is what Karin did. With their own brand of street metal, Karin owned every set . From the early days playing in Meridian and Nampa, to owning the headliner spot at many a Knitting factory show. Packing the house on many occasions and getting the local pick to open at Mayhem Festival, Idaho center. With the band moving in so many directions and the metal scene evolving, Karin Comes Killing officially announced the departure of Stymie (Bass), and Scott (Guitar).
Karin swore to their fans they would be back. That was one promise the fans could not live without. Their return was threatened on Memorial weekend, by a scheduling mishap at the Shorty's gig. Being cut from the bill was a harsh reality for the band and their fans (Family of Black). Again they swore to play for their screaming fans again. Finally getting to play their return show in the heart of the Boise Music Scene, The Bouquet.

Merlin Shreds Last Show Ever in KCK

Original Line up in alphabetical order: Dave (Vocals), Merlin (Guitar), Richie (Drums), Scotty (Guitar), Stymie (Bass). With their original style of metal, it was easy for them to take over. A salty sound that just pours out on to your wounds. Bringing Demania, and Colombian Neck Tie. These old salts of the stage started with the confidence meter set to ten. Working every funny bone in every crowd. Pickled livers were no match for their crippling sound. Dave's style of in your smashed face street metal, the listener is bombarded with intestinal visions of blood curdling violence. Leaving audiences dreaming of blood.

With their ride through the competition for Mayhem opener, Thoroughly enjoyed the guys of Karin get their break in show at Mayhem. Unfortunately the coordination of acts that year made it hard for Karin to reach their fans or make new ones. Since they were into their second song when they opened the doors. Some of the lucky one got to see this epic performance.

Bringing in the era of the Massacre. Several shows hosted by the Knitt with Karin as the headliner. Great shows with awesome supporting acts. Always fun to have the locals in the house for an all local event. People know how to have a good time when they feel at home. Thanks again Knitt for always being a good host to local events. Like all of the Metal musicians in this town Karin was right there to support all of the causes that had metal music. Supporting their local serial killer is what they do.

Destiny will always catch up with you. After all nobody gets out alive. Karin was at a crossroads. Scott and Stymie were going to find their way. Evolution and time take no prisoners. They left the band to pursue other opportunities. If you knew any of the guys in this band personally you would understand that their is no animosity or hard feelings. These guys are incredible people with incredible families who live and get what they deserve for live. The love of their families and friends. The adoration of their fans and the respect of their peers. Truly a match made in Metal Heaven.

After a short hiatus from the live scene, Karin announced their return show at the Memorial Benefit at Shorty's. A great show for a great cause. Unfortunately as things go, when your on a roll things can get away from you and Karin (The Headliner) was eventually cut from the bill due to time. Garden Cities finest we on hand to insure the noise ordinance was not violated. But it turned out the only one violated was the Karin Comes Killing Fans. Karin swore to return with a vengeance.

Vengeance was reaped at the Bouquet in Downtown Boise on June 28th of this year. Karin Returned to the stage for the first time with new guitarist Migel, and new Bass player Darcy. Pricing the heads of the family of black in attendance, Karin Came Killing and blasted an entire set into the streets of Boise for the last time. That's right Karin was on stage at the Bouquet and announced that they will be no longer performing as Karin Comes Killing. The crowd took it very hard but was happy to be there at their final show. After the announcement the band fired up their machine guns and slayed the crowd with their classic "Are You Scared Yet" soundtrack.

Although Karin Comes Killing is calling it quits, Some of the members are moving on with their musical careers. Merlin recently announced he will be the front man in a new band. Looking forward to hearing anything he is involved with. Caught him playing the Bouquet in a little local band called "Mudbelly". Gifted guitar player with a love for Dimebag and Pantera like no other. Even thought Dave will be hanging up the Mic, Richie has plans to continue bashing the skins and making our bleeding ears beg for more. As for new comers to Karin Migel and Darcy they have eyes for making the Metal scene their new chew toy.

Best of luck to all the past members of Karin Comes Killing. You will be missed and may all of your future endeavors be fruitful. Remember to keep dreaming in blood. It is becoming on you.
See you all at the next show. Danger Out.

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