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Meridian Hosts Brutal Season Debut

Brutal Season Shredding the New Fronier
Brutal Season Shredding the New Fronier

Meridian's New Frontier Club, on Broadway, Hosted Brutal Season's first show. On the line up was Brutal Season, Scorch the Fallen, Slain in Silence, Mortal Ashes, and End of all Flesh. A great place to see a metal show in Meridian. Brutal Season is a new band, but not an inexperienced one. Members; Bri-High , Alex, Tim, Jason, and Raider, took the stage with confidence and showed that their style of Metal is cutting edge. Working the crowd like a puppet, Brutal Season treated the crowd to “Eargasmic” pleasures until now only heard at the Bomb Shelter practice area in Boise. Only the other bands could hear the muffled tones of this new Meridian shredder band.
Meridian was in for a treat as the newly added singer,”Raider” and bass player “Jason” take the new street metal sound to the always ready Meridian crowd. With Alex and Bri-High shedding on axe, and Tim killing the skins this newly formed band of experienced local talent took their brand to the people. Meridian was in the mood for some new metal and Brutal Season brought it to them in “Brutal” fashion. Mixing their new sound with old songs the new song “Bringing new life” had the crowd in a frenzy as they put on a clinic on metal song writing.
Finally the band showed their true colors by performing their song “Bad Seed”. This song is exactly what you would expect... “NOT”. This song makes you think about all the poor decisions and mistakes you have ever made in your life. And shows you that a “Bad Seed' will continue to be the poor decision maker you would expect from a bad seed. With a bad attitude and a need for disruption, this song had the crowd fighting for more. Brutal as this sound was the band delivers a formed, structured, enticing, new metal sound that will make the listener drool for more Brutal energy. More shows are coming up for this band and if they get some exposure they can go all the way.
Next up was the local talent Scorch the Fallen. A local band with a dedicated following, these guys killed it and everyone was catching their breath after the ballistic set these guys had. Slain in Silence took the stage with no resolved and deadened the already Brutalized crowd with their terrifying clash of metal sounds. Mortal Ashes took the trampled crowd to new heights during their set. Killing their set and everyone in the bar. (Bartenders we moshing behind the bar, unique for them.)
And when you thought you couldn't take anymore... BAM! The already mind numbing sounds of “End Of All Flesh” take the stage with two new assets. EOAF adding a bass player and a guitar. The once three man sound was maximized to a 5 man sound. Like turning up the sound to eleven the local giants EOAF killed a new set with old and new songs. The sound was maxing out the crowd. Everyone threw caution to the wind and began a mosh pit like few seen in Meridian.
What a night for Meridian! Thanks go out to all the bands for keeping it real and bringing us their powerful energies. More thanks to the “New Frontier Club”! Without them, the Meridian music scene would be as dead as the rest of the zombie towns around here. Thanks New Frontier, YOU ROCK!