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Mergers, acquisitions and relationships...

You may have heard Examiner is now part of AEG, a subsidiary of Anschutz Company. What does that mean? It means the Examiner is in a brand new relationship. As relationships go, the new bond and integration with the platform brings with it exciting opportunities, revelations and changes. Change never comes without its fair share of chaos. However, is that such a bad thing?

New Relationships and Second Marriages

All relationships go through change. The most common interpersonal relationships that involve mergers and acquisitions are marriages and re-marriages. A second marriage, where two families are joining forces, is one of the most challenges mergers for many families. There may be children from previous marriages, dogs, cats, lizards, homes and many other exciting "new" elements that come together as part of a relationship pairing.

Is this a neat and tidy process? Rarely.

You can plan as much as you want for the perfect relationship, but rarely in life is anything perfect. In the case of business partnerships and pairings, one can expand on something good, like the Examiner, and hope for the best. Usually with change, good happens. Sometimes greatness emerges.

Problem Solving in Relationships

In the space between obstacles and difficulties surface that often require solving. When families and people attempt to merge, the same things happen. Here are the best ways to cope with those roadblocks when faced with them:

  • Tackle problems head on. This prevents problems from becoming overwhelming thunderstorms.
  • Communicate clearly. The best way to solve problems is to communicate often, and clearly.
  • Examine your expectations. Set reasonable expectations, if any. It is easy to fall into a pattern where you begin expecting too much from your personal relationships. Take it easy on yourself, and your family.
  • Embrace differences. People often have different personalities, preferences, desires, needs, wants, and often share different perspectives, cultures, and many other facets that make them unique and wonderful. Rather than fear, loathe, or despise these differences, embrace them.
  • Work together. When solving a puzzle, the fastest way to get to finished is by working as part of a team. It also helps to work on the border first so you can get an idea of what the picture looks like, before trying to fill in the challenging inner pieces that seem to have no rhyme or reason sometimes.
  • Acknowledge your partner's and family member's contributions to the relationship's success. A relationship is hard work. It takes time, patience, and continual effort to succeed. When your partner makes an effort to do something to help a relationship succeed, acknowledge his contribution. This simple and very minor effort makes a lasting impact.
  • Spend time being happy in your relationship. Many relationships seem like work, work work. But, any good relationship also involves a bit of down time, enjoying the good that life has to offer.

Remember life is short. It is not a spectator sport. Life life to the fullest and you and your relationship will reap the rewards from your efforts.

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