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Dynamic singer Meredith O'Connor will be making a 3,000 plus mile, cross-country tour from New York to Los Angeles in a mere 24 hours, premiering her new music video with concerts on both sides of the USA.
Dynamic singer Meredith O'Connor will be making a 3,000 plus mile, cross-country tour from New York to Los Angeles in a mere 24 hours, premiering her new music video with concerts on both sides of the USA.
Photo of Meredith O'Connor courtesy of Richard Galvin. Copyright 2014. - Meredith O'Connor "Just the Thing" teaser video

For most artists, it's nothing out of the ordinary to perform two concerts in different cities, all within the span of a mere 24 hours. However, when those two cities are more than 3,000 miles apart then it becomes a different matter altogether. For many-if not most-artists today it would be considered an arduous task that they would decline to even attempt. Not so with singer/songwriter, model, actress and motivational speaker Meredith O'Connor.

Today, May 8th, O'Connor will begin her whirlwind, cross-country premiere of her new music video "Just the Thing" starting with a special benefit concert at New York City's Helen Mills Theatre. From there, she flies into Los Angeles to perform at LA's AMPLYFi Club on May 9th. Her manager-Richard Galvin-has announced that 75% of sales from both concerts will go to both Diana Polanco and Cathy Marino: two women who are currently battling breast cancer. Said Galvin, "We are so excited to now have our link live and to announce that we will be donating 75% of sales to both Diana Polanco and Cathy Marino:our two strong and brave women battling cancer." Observed Galvin, "We need to sell many tickets to truly make a difference. Please help us spread the word and get your friends and families involved! Let's all put in this simple little effort and help out, and get to enjoy some great music while you do!"

Though still in her teens, Meredith O'Connor has already made a powerful impact on both the music scene, as well as the current anti-bullying platform as an inspiring motivational speaker. Her appeal to kids in every grade school, primarily due to her high profile anti-bullying platform (as well as her hit song "The Game") is well known. Her fans look up to her, and she wants to be the role model that she strongly feels that many kids need in their life today.

O'Connor began her career at the tender age of eight, performing in theatre and later working as a child model. By her teens she had begun a new facet of her career: singer/songwriter. Today, in addition to performing for sold-out crowds as a critically lauded singer/songwriter, O'Connor also continues to actively participate as a "motivational" speaker, discussing her childhood of "not fitting in" and how she was able to overcome bullying she experienced first hand-without resorting to violence.

In addition, O'Connor has returned to her first love, acting. Meredith recently starred in two movies, "Frappe Avec Amore" and the harrowing "Red Head Randy." The two films could not be more different: the first is a romantic comedy and the latter deals with the subject of bullying. O'Connor describes the experience of working in both films as "priceless" and-when asked which she had enjoyed working in the most-explained to this writer that since both films boasted equally creative and original producers and directors that it was impossible for her to even compare the two, much less have a "favorite."

All in all, Meredith O'Connor has proven herself to be a multi-talented, original artist in the truest sense of the word, and her star has shown every indication that it's only begun to shine...and will continue to for many, many years to come.

About the venues:

Helen Mills is one of New York City’s most unique venues, featuring a spectacular street level Event Space and a 140-seat Theater & Screening Room. Located in the heart of New York City, it's quickly proving to be one of the city's hottest performance venues for artists and models.

AMPLYFi is located in Hollywood, California, right next door to the original Paramount Studios. It's unique location (it's front door faces an alley) and its lack of obvious signposts can make it a challenge to find for first time attendees. However, its intimate and exciting "vibe" harks back to Hollywood's "dangerous" clubs from the 1960s...minus the alcohol. It's a "teen" club that appeals to music lovers of all ages.

Meredith O'Connor's new single "Just the Thing" is now available on iTunes:

75% of all proceeds will be devoted to The Carol Galvin Foundation, which benefits women fighting cancer:

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