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Mercury turning direct, Venus and Pluto deepening

In Flight
Catherine Al-Meten

The New Moon in Cancer on Friday, June 27, with its trine to Neptune in 7 degrees Pisces, retrograde started the weekend and the new lunar cycle in the watery depths of dreams, idealism, hopes, and visions of a brighter future. Mercury is preparing to station and turn direct in Gemini. Our concerns are focused, during this next lunar cycle, on that which solidifies, strengthens, and creates greater harmony within our relationships, families, and within our selves. Our ideas about what is necessary for a creating a safe, nourishing, and protective sense of home and belonging now makes us feel home-centered and self protective.

The biggest news this week is Mercury’s turn from its retrograde path to its forward movement. Still in the late stages of Gemini until July 12, Mercury is in one of the houses of its rulership, and thus communication is highlighted. Communication increases through whatever form the house/area of your life in which Gemini resides. For example, if Gemini is your Ascendant, you may be making more of a name for yourself, making public appearances, or taking on a more public role. If your 7th house, of relationships and partnerships is featured, this area of your life is highlighted. Remember that each house represents some aspect of how you live, and Gemini affects whatever area of your life that house rules.

Some basics about Mercury. Mercury, a mutable sign, is in its glory in the 3rd house. Mercury in Gemini forms challenges when squared with either Pisces or Virgo. When in opposition with Sagittarius it can either create a harmonious meeting or result in a tug-of-war. Mercury in Gemini forms trines with Aquarius and Libra, and sextiles with Aries and Libra bring unexpected opportunities. Mercury is all about all forms of communication, and those who make their living communicating (writers, artists, singers, song writers, journalists, scholars).

Mercury’s re-entry into Gemini has given us a prolonged period to focus on how we communicate and on getting involved in a wide variety of interesting topics. We may have gained superficial knowledge about a lot of different subjects. Gemini scans the seas of knowledge for interesting points to focus in on.

More is going on with us at deeper levels in areas of the subconscious, memories, dreams, the shadow elements of our lives (behavior, development, challenges, and growing edges). We recognize what needs fixing, and we find a variety of interesting ways to approach growth and healing, however, the real challenge is allowing ourselves to recognize within what needs to happen in the day to day course of our lives. Enlightenment is not the goal; enlightenment shines light on the path, if we are willing to see it. With Mercury’s retrograde phase, we also have opportunities to recognize and deal with challenging aspects that stand between our intentions and goals. Mercury is a planet that focuses a great deal of our attention on thinking and doing as well as recognizing how our intuitive, intellectual, and unconscious drives and hidden desires affect the life we live on the surface of our being. We may feel disturbed, aroused, perplexed, or confused with all the internal growth and activity going on at the interior levels of being.

Depending upon your stage of life and your spiritual development, you may feel you are dealing with more information, ideas, connections, or situations than you can manage. What is needed when Mercury and Venus are in the airy Gemini and Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces, the Sun and Jupiter are in Cancer, and Saturn is in Scorpio, it is no wonder that for some, it is hard to get grounded or feel like your have a grasp on all that your mind, heart, spirit, and psyche are dealing with.

The grounding force of Pluto in Capricorn gives us a hint of what we ought to be doing to stay in touch with our earthly life and being. Our spiritual essence, our minds and intellect, our memories, dreams, and visions are working overtime, and much seems to be coming to a head, requiring that we act on some sort of impulse that might be better reigned in until we have a clearer understanding of what we really need, require, or seek. Often we are given a flood of information, experiences, or other type of input that challenges our beliefs, faith, way of life, understanding of ourselves. This happens within the natural course of life, and sets off crises. Sometimes the crises are caused my our choices, actions; other times they are a result of what happens as a result of someone else’s action/choice, or of natural occurrences. Everything is interconnected, so we are all in the network of cause and effects, that challenge us to determine for ourselves, what the next best step is on our life path.

Pluto in Capricorn until 2013, affects the generations that live during this time. Whatever is brought up to the surface of our individual and collective consciousness during this period of time, calls for transformative measures, done in a very grounded, solid, and creative way. If we use Pluto’s (also called Vulcan) powers of destruction, disruption, or force, we create one kind of experience. If we use that power for positive, healing, and transformative change, we create an entirely different one. We make decisions every day in our own lives, that affect the bigger picture. We are each responsible for taming the forces within so as to generate energy that calms upheaval and disruption around us. Some of the most challenging times comes during periods like this when there is so much happening on the level of inner consciousness, self awareness, transitions on all levels.

As the week begins we find:

Sun at 7/54’14” Cancer
Moon 4/26’31” Leo
Mercury 24/30’28”r Gemini
Venus 7/23’51” Gemini
Mars 17/51’36” Libra
Jupiter 26/19’46” Cancer
Saturn 16/ 59’58”r Scorpio
Uranus 16/ 18’24” Aries
Neptune 7/29’27”r Pisces
Pluto 12/24’22”r Capricorn
North Node 25/21’32”r Libra
Chiron 17 Pisces

Venus in Gemini joins Mercury, so much of what we are focused on communicating about has to do with our relationships, partnerships, ideas about love, marriage, beauty, and art. We may feel a bit ambiguous about our feelings and ideas, and this may translate to not being able to settle in on anything for very long. In a sense this has to do with being detached from our emotions and operating too much out of our heads. If you are in a serious relationship which has challenges and conflicts, this is not the time to ignore your feelings. Our emotions are often masked by habits we have grown into over time, needed at one time to protect ourselves, but often creating a shell that allows too much suppression of emotions and the tendency to rationalize or deny real issues that put you and your relationships in peril—or that cause you peril.

Avoid forgetting that your emotions are signals to what we are struggling to understand, first and foremost about ourselves. If we only define ourselves though what others see, think about us, or convince us of, we are missing the point that we have the power, knowledge, and capacity to discern what is best for ourselves. Unless we have been so damaged or wounded that we no longer have any idea of who we are, each of us must make the decisions that help us determine what is true for us and our own lives.
Addictions, abuse, and unhealed wounds have been causing some more and more trouble, and are a sign that we can only overlook an issue or misconception about our relationships for so long. Venus’ activity in Gemini may distract us somewhat. Knowing this, we have the power to slow ourselves a bit and use what is going on inside and out, to help us discern what is healthy and good for us. This might be a good time to get some help with areas that you have been trying to deal with. Good counseling and guidance can be helpful when we are ready to address issues that bring us unhappiness, too much stress, or are a result of being overwhelmed by something. Support and understanding are gifts we can give and receive to those who seek it.

Sunday, June 29. Just past midnight, the Sun in Cancer formed to Neptune in Pisces. We also feel stronger within, and this helps lift our spirits. Relationships can be a bit testy, especially if our expectations or someone else's’ are not in synch. Notice whether elements of your relationships are not as you would like. Are your expectations unrealistic, delusional, or covered with a mist of emotional dependency? The energy in relationships intensifies, and is hopefully drawing you to recognize the reality of a connection that was based in dreams, illusion, or projections of what you desire.

Venus is contra parallel to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. For the next four days this strong aspect raises all kinds of issues about power, control, abuse, and perceptions of self worth. Since this is a tense aspect, the issues arise from the shadowy elements of our passions and intimate connections. We struggle between our experiences of passion, intensity and depth in relationships, and those of our own self worth, personal values, and sense of dignity. For some, being ego-driven leads to abuse of others, issues of control over, and of needs related to using power to control and own. For those whose egos are not strong, whose self worth is weak, or who depend on others for definition, the need is now for strengthening one’s own sense of personal power, worth, and dignity. Any attempt to undermine your own value, dismiss abuse, addictions, or weaknesses perpetrated on you by others (yes, it’s that strong), needs to be acknowledge, not ignored. Self preservation, self protection, and the building up of a strong central core and ego is essential for anyone dealing with wounded relationships, abusive situations, or broken commitments, vows, and relationships.

Also on Sunday, Mars forms a quincunx to Chiron.This aspect has us doubting our ability to solve problems, handle disturbances, or deal with life issues in general. Self doubt is a sign that we need to slow down a bit, do something we do well to ground us in our own power, abilities, and strength, and to acknowledge whatever it is that we fear, are upset by, or have need of changing. Notice your physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual senses, and let your intuition guide you to some simple answers. Notice too, how your beliefs might be interfering with your trusting your own intuition. Be wary of taking in information, guidance, or advice from a source that you do not truly understand or whose intentions are not clear to you.

Around midday, as I’m writing, Venus squares Neptune in Pisces. We tend to feel that we are in somewhat of a fog about relationships. We may be feeling, sensing or seeing things that are not really part of our experiences. We see what we want to see, not what is. Caution is against starting anything based on the emotional or spiritual high or elation you might feel. With the use of your resources, avoid being overly optimistic or unrestrained. Whatever is truly good, will still be truly good when the haze of emotions or spiritual intensity wears off or gets more integrated into our being. Just because something has elements that meet your desires, that set off your passions, or look like the answer to your prayers, does not necessarily mean your perception is accurate. Give yourself some time, distance, and a bit of distance to let your ideas, feelings, and perceptions come into greater focus. What you are seeing may be out of focus right now.

Monday, June 30. The Moon in Leo all day, makes some aspects that draw us into some dramatic emotional energy. The Moon trine Uranus in Aries may make us feel like we need to make changes immediately, or we might get some new flash of news or understanding about a situation about which we need clarification. Since this is the last day of Mercury’s retrograde journey, we may be reminded of something that is related to how we gain and lose, start and end, or determine and decide what is best for us. Look to the past—yours—to decide when you have made the best choices, been the most attuned to what is best for you, and who/what has been of help or hindrance in the process.

Later in the afternoon, the Moon squares Saturn in Scorpio, stirring up the pot again with our emotions being triggered by deep-seated fears, hopes, desires, wounds, grief, or anger. Notice what comes to the surface. In the evening, the Moon sextiles Mars giving us some new opportunities and a greater flow of energy to do things that bring us a greater sense of peace.

Tuesday, the Moon is in Leo until late afternoon, when it enters Virgo. Virgo moon gives us a greater sense of grounding, and desire to fix things, organize our ideas, maintain a scrupulous level of behavior, and find a fair way to define needs. Mercury stations direct in Gemini, and begins its forward path. We should begin to feel that communication starts improving over the next few days, and our own thoughts seem more calm on some level.

Keep in mind the ideas, memories, desires, and issues that have been stirred up over the last week or so, and keep your eye on the intentions you set for this period of time. Notice what inner guidance and outer signs, opportunities, or offers come your way.

Wednesday. The Virgo Moon semi-square Mars, strains and pushes at areas where we are emotionally vulnerable and where we are either pushing or being pushed to act. Hold your ground, and be firm with yourself. The Moon opposes Neptune and we have the chance to find unity between polarities between our emotions and our inner vision, intuition, and desires. If the shadow side rules, we can get caught up in a pointless and endless cycle of confusion, self doubt, fear, anger, projection, and disillusion. Later the Moon sextiles the Sun, again offering ways to deal with your emotional energy. The Moon semi-square Jupiter and square Venus, highlight the issues that we have been struggling with during this very important Venus cycle.

The station of Mercury occurs in the middle of the night (2:50 AM PDT/5:50 AM EDT)With Mercury moving forward, we may feel the need or urge to make changes or move quickly. Pay particular attention to dreams, intuitive sensations, and whatever mood you find upon waking. When Mercury is at a standstill, we receive the full brunt of what issues may have characterized this retrograde cycle. We see what is left to be dealt with or integrated into our lives.If we do so, we are using emotional energy ad may not have the inner strength, vision, and understanding that we need just yet. Find ways to channel your emotional energy—art, exercise, hard work, service to focus on other’s needs. Get outside and get out of your head. Slow down, and give yourself permission to take a break. Muster up your strength, courage, and resources (inner and outer) knowing you can deal with whatever comes your way.

At night when the Moon trines Pluto, you might finally feel a bit calmer, and have a clearer idea of what is fueling your impatience or the need to purge, flee, or alter some major aspect of your life. The real change is in your thinking and attitude, not necessarily in the way you are living—that is of course unless you are living in a situation, relationship, or role that is harmful, unhealthy, or dangerous. To deal with this, you must be honest with yourself, or you simply foster illusions and live in a set of unrealistic expectations. Call them what you will, when we put up with abuse or dishonor ourselves by letting unhealthy connections define us, we have problems in our perspective and expectations.

On Thursday, the Moon continues its transit in Virgo. Venus forms a semi-square to Jupiter, and we are encouraged with options, opportunities, and offers that help us recognize what it is we are meant to be doing, understanding, or seeing. And the final day and stress of the Venus Pluto counter parallel aspect comes to a head. Pluto is pulling Venus into the depths and shadow parts of our views on love, beauty, nature, and partnerships. We need to feel it, see it, hear it, and allow whatever needs to be healed to come to the surface so you can face what is really at the heart of the matter.

The power of this struggle with the shadowy side of Venus and Pluto intensifies and is crucial for understanding the depth and traits that feed the fires of conflict and that point us in new, safer, and more productive directions in our relationships.

Friday, July 4, a holiday in the U.S., starts off with the Sun in Cancer opposing the retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect sets off more of Pluto’s oppositional, potentially destructive, power-obsessed energy. The struggle between ego/self and the energetic power of transformation, Pluto Uranus and Pluto are square one another, and the Sun’s opposition sets both off in an explosive way. Again it is crucial to pay attention to where this is happening, and to avoid projecting this out into the collective consciousness. Where we fail to control our emotions, ego-driven needs, or need to manipulate, control, or use others, we let loose a flood of negative energy, and we get caught up in power struggles, conflicts, and dissension. What is dying or ending? What needs to be released and disconnected from your energy and activities? Nothing new, healed or transformed can happen when we are trapped in the idea that we can only change through our own means and vision. Be receptive to how what is falling apart or what has disappeared from your experience has made space for a new, more positive way of life for you. Mercury trines the North Node in Libra in late morning, and we have the chance to see the first glimpses of what is beyond the present, what is opening up for us, and what is calling to be done, answered, or changed. Use your senses, your mind, your dreams, memories, and intuition to tune into the Truth that you are seeking.

Saturday, the Moon is in peaceful Libra all day. However, early in the day, the Libra Moon comes out of the shadows and the role as peacemaker, negotiation, and balance, to stand firm in the lessons that have been coming to the surface. With the Moon in Libra triggering the Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square, deep, intense, and volatile and extreme emotions are forming or reasserting themselves. Particularly, if we did not face what the conflicts in our lives are about, this will set off more deep-seated energy. A growing Grand Cross is beginning to form, and may remind us of issues we were dealing with in April. . The Moon conjuncts with Mars later in the day, making us feel energized, anxious, and feeling the pull to move or act differently. it is a day to exercise caution and pay attention to what is becoming conscious. Avoid repressing, denying, or escaping into addictions, excuses, or denial.

This week is strmindfulnessngly weighted to long-standing issues that are affecting the ways we relate to one another, perceive ourselves, form and maintain relationships, and define who we are individually, in relationships and roles, and in the Collective. It is essential that we use this time to connect to our Divine purpose and gifts, and to honor the purpose we are here to develop and use our talents, gifts, opportunities, and experiences. Regardless of the past (ancient or recent) we are here and have this time, this space, and this being that we have become to love and serve others, to be our best selves, and to honor the Source of all Creation as one engaged in co-creating. There are no insignificant people, moments, jobs, times, or relationships. Everything serves a purpose, and we are here to find meaning and purpose in our lives and with our relationships. Use your grounding and mindfulness practices to stay in the present and to find a home within and around you wherever you are.

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